Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C Wrede



I don’t often go for sci-fi. A little bit of fantasy, sure, because what is life without a little imagination. But straight out sci-fi? That happens a little next to never. However, Dealing with Dragons is the first in the series of four in the Enchanted Forest chronicles by Patricia C Wrede and they take you into a world of dragons, fiery princesses, evil plots, and magic that is so carefully written into the story that it seems almost commonplace and normal. My earliest memory of reading is of my mom reading this series to me at bedtime when I was a child. They hold a special place in my heart. 

Cimorene is a princess of the Kingdom of Linderwall and she is not exactly what the king and queen would consider a normal princess. She conjugates Latin verbs, makes cherries jubilee, and can cast a mean invisibility spell. Her sisters learn when to scream as a dragon or orge is carrying them off and different embroidery stitches. But not Cimorene. When her parents arrange a marriage for her to an annoyingly proper prince in a neighboring kingdom, Cimorene goes off on her own and volunteers to become the captive princess of the dragon Kazul. 

Sounds like fun to me. 

While sorting Kazul’s library, organizing her treasure vaults, and making chocolate mousse Cimorene discovers a plot against the life of the king of the dragons. From here she works with a prince that was turned into stone (quite unfortunate), a ginger witch with perfect posture (and a lot of cats), and an only slightly silly princess to try to thwart the over-confident wizards from taking control of the dragon’s throne. 

This series is absolutely wonderful. Wrede keeps to her themes, stays true to her characters, and the series itself winds together beautifully. If you have even a passing fancy of sci-fi or even just a good and fanciful story I cannot recommend the Enchanted Forest chronicles enough. If you aren’t into science fiction I know it sounds a bit silly. However, I truly believe if you give the books a try you will not regret it. Wrede pulls you into her stories with such wonderful writing that you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to the page. They are part of the magic of my childhood. I hope they become a part of your life, too. 

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