Why I Don’t Collect Books – from Pages Unbound

I have never before shared a post from a different blog. Am I doing this right?
Anyway, this post spoke to me. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, tweets, facebook posts, instagram posts etc etc etc centered on reading and books. A common theme seems to be that the more books you own the more “reader cred” you have. It sometimes rubs me the wrong way. Books can be expensive, difficult to transport when you move, and take up a great deal of space that could often be used for something else. I felt like this post from Pages Unbound summed those thoughts up very nicely. Take a look.


In the book blogosphere, collecting books seems to be a badge of honor. The more volumes you own and the less floor space you have to put them on, the greater your bookworm cred. “Bookish problems: running out of room for your all your books!” is the cute little way of saying that maybe […]

via Why I Don’t Collect Books — Pages Unbound

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