WWW Wednesday – June 14


WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words and was formerly hosted by A Daily Rhythm. It is open for anyone to participate, even without a blog you can comment on Sam’s post with your own answers. It is a great way to share what you’ve been reading! All you have to do is answer three questions and share a link to your blog in the comments section of Sam’s blog.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?


“My name is Celaena Sardothien. But it makes no difference if my name’s Celaena or Lillian or Bitch, because I’d still beat you, no matter what you call me.”

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas. Despite my frustration with A Court of Wings and Ruin I decided to give Maas another shot. Honestly, this was the only book the library had in that was on my TBR list the last time I went. I’m only about 100 pages in but so far I’m not impressed. None of the characters seem to be genuine. We’ll see how the rest of the story goes. I’m sure there is an awkward intimate scene somewhere in those pages I have yet to scoff at.

What did you recently finish reading?


“I will die. You will die. We will all die and the universe will carry on without care. All that we have is that shout into the wind – how we live. How we go. And how we stand before we fall.”

Golden Son (Red Rising #2) by Pierce Brown . I’m happy to say that I finally got over my reading slump and devoured this book in just a couple of days. I’ll have my review up for it on Friday but, let me tell you, I’m still reeling from that ending. Holy crap! Brown sure knows how to write an engaging story. I bet he has to keep reams of notes just to keep all of the little details properly sorted.

What do you think you’ll read next?


“Sometimes, when I have to do something I don’t want to do, I pretend I’m a character from a book. It’s easier to know what they would do.”

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare . Lately, I have noticed so many people excited about Clare’s books. Not to feel like an unworthy reader, but I had never heard of her. Yesterday I put in a request at the library for this book so hopefully it comes in soon. I want to know what all the fuss is about!


I’m so happy to be out of my reading slump and to actually have books to put on the list today! As soon as I finish this post I’m going to go curl up in my big, comfy chair and continue reading Throne of Glass before I have to go do the whole “adult” thing later today. Shudder. Have a beautiful day, everyone!

12 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – June 14

  1. I bought the Throne of Glass ebook awhile ago because it was on sale for $2, but I have no clue if I want to read it anymore, haha. I just hear so many mixed things about her writing and I can’t decide if it’s worth my time. 😛
    I hope you like Clockwork Angel! Cassandra Clare has so many books, but The Infernal Devices are the only ones I’ve read. I really liked that trilogy though. 🙂
    Here’s my WWW if you’re interested and haven’t seen it already: https://kourtnireads.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/www-wednesday-61417/

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    1. I just finished Throne of Glass mere minutes ago and it was just…bleh. I’ll read the next one in that series but I don’t have high hopes for it. Big steaming pile of mediocrity. And I picked Clockwork Angel from the library this afternoon. It’s sitting on my desk calling my name. Can’t wait to read it!

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  2. I didnt end up enjoying Throne Of Glass too much either, its probably my least favorite book by Sarah! The story definitely gets much better in Crown Of Midnight! I’m so excited you want to read Clockwork Angel! I love that trilogy soo much!

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      1. Throne Of Glass is also ridiculously predictable which I really hated – I mean, how can that story play out if we know there’s lots more books yet to come. And that finally changes with Crown Of Midnight, so I hope you end up enjoying that one more. 🙂

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  3. I liked Throne of Glass but the second book is so much better so it’s worth sticking with it.
    It was actually Red Rising that I very nearly gave up on. It just seemed like a total rip off of so many other books but I’m so glad I stuck with it because Golden Son is awesome.

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