The Entertainer Blogger Award

Thank you to Metal Phantasm Reads for tagging me in this. I always find these things fun and it is so nice to know you were thought of. 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  2. Nominate at least 12 people who you find fun, inspiring and entertaining!
  3. Include the graphic in your post
  4. Answer all the provided questions


Why did you start your blog in the first place?

I started Literary Weaponry for a few reasons. The first being that I have definite opinions about books and I wanted to share them outside of Goodreads and Amazon reviews. Secondly, I wanted a website for my resume as I have been applying for newspaper, library, and transcription work. I can’t deny that I hope to make money from this at some point, however, it is also just fun and fulfilling to be a part of this diverse reading community.

What is your favorite book?

How does anyone answer that question? It’s like asking which kid is your favorite. I’ll give you a couple:


What do you dislike the most?

In books or in the world? In books I hate weak characters most. You know, that character that always needs saved and has no thoughts in their head and ignores the fact that free will is a thing? I hate that. I hate it more than love triangles and anything else. In the world, if I had to put a pin on it, I hate prejudices. It frustrates me to no end that I go out with my family and we get funny looks. I am Caucasian, my husband is Puerto Rican, and obviously our daughter is an adorable mix of the two. The looks we get sometimes just make my blood boil.

What is your favorite food at the mall?

Salted pretzels with cheese dip. Holy moly, it is so hard to resist those. I need the warm, salty pretzels and the sticky artificially colored and flavored orange cheese dip. It is amazing.

What is your favorite past time?

Uuuuhhhhh. I’m not one for hobbies so that is a bit difficult. I love watching old MASH reruns. You can never have too much Alan Alda. I feel like I’m writing an ad for a dating website or something, “I love old TV shows, listening to the rain on the roof, and catching fireflies.”



I hereby tag:

All ya’ll. I mean really, if you want to do this, please do it! If you do pop your link in the comments so I can take a look. Have a beautiful day, everyone.

11 thoughts on “The Entertainer Blogger Award

      1. RIGHT? The humor is so well done and Alan Alda is a HOOT. I grew up watching it with my brother and parents… it was the only thing we ALL liked. My husband, on the other hand, hates it… but he has terrible taste. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. SO TRUE.

        Fun fact: My mom’s friend’s mother used to babysit Gary Burghoff when he was a kid. Gotta love Radar, too. πŸ˜€


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