August Wrap Up



Lately, I have been terrible about actually writing posts. My problem is that my reading mojo slumped off back in June and I don’t fully have it back yet. I’m just not feeling it. Despite that I did do several book related things in August that I’d like to share with you.

What I read

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody – rainbow starrainbow starrainbow starrainbow star
-I still haven’t written my review of this one. Slacker, I know. In a nutshell, good book. I’ll pick up work by Foody again.

A God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau (DNF) – rainbow starrainbow star

Born In trilogy by Nora Roberts – rainbow starrainbow starrainbow starrainbow star


Mask of Shadows (Untitled #1) by Linsey Miller (42%)- I got this as an ARC from Netgalley and am around halfway through. It is getting a really bad rap on Goodreads and I’m not sure why, so far I’m pretty entertained

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan (32%)- I have a thing for Riordan’s middle grade novels. They are awesome.

Added to my shelves

All of the above books were added to my physical book shelf this month, not digital.

Personal News

August is a busy month every year in this household. Why? It is both my birthday and my husband’s in August! I never thought I would become someone touchy about their age but, hey, this year I got there. To say the least I am firmly in the 29 and holding pattern. Yikes! We never do anything particularly special on our birthdays, still feel like it deserves a quick mention, though.

Also in August I finally got a beach day! My husband went up into New York to see Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock and I stopped off in Maryland to spend some time with my parents and sister’s family. This was the first beach day in years that I managed not to get a sunburn. GASP! Unfortunately the water was full of jelly fish which was a bit of a nuisance but it was still fun. My little three year old had a blast playing in the sand. No reading was accomplished, haha.

Not to be “that guy” but I’m going to be. I’m excited to say that I began writing a book that has me all kinds of excited. It is a middle grade novel and right now I have the bones of it hashed out in a notebook and the first couple thousand words typed. I am excited, scared, elated, terrified and all manner of other extreme emotions. Something I also learned during my initial note taking process is how difficult it is to name characters. Almost every name reminds me of something/someone and it usually isn’t for any good reason.

That is it for me this month. What have you all been doing?


One thought on “August Wrap Up

  1. Ah! I haven’t read Daughter of the burning city yet, need to get to it asap. And of course all Rick Riordan books are great, hope you enjoy them!


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