Throwback Thursday – Freedom’s Landing by Anne McCaffrey


Renee began Throwback Thursday at Its Book Talk as a way to share some of her old favorites as well as sharing books that she wants to read that were published over a year ago. Books that were published over a year ago are almost always easier to find at libraries or at a discounted sale price. As I have been sifting through my TBR list and purging those books that no longer hold my interest, I came across several from years past that I’d love to share with you!



Title: Freedom’s Landing (Catteni #1) by Anne McCaffrey

Published: June 1996

Publisher: Ace/Putnam

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.92






The alien Catteni have attacked earth, emptying cities for slave labor. And other things.

Kris Bjornsen has been taken captive and finds herself dumped with many others on an empty planet–but one of the Catteni masters missed his ride back. Now Kris takes on a leadership role and has to help figure out how to protect these people and also what to do with the Catteni trapped on this plane with them.

I chose this book this Thursday because I actually just learned that McCaffrey passed away in 2011. I’m a little late to the news, I know, but it still made me sad. I recall many happy times spent reading not only her Catteni series (which I love) but also The Dragonriders of Pern. In the seventh grade I had been transferred to a new school and was terrified. The only friend I ended up making that year I bonded with over McCaffrey’s Pern books. Freedom’s Landing, however, is my favorite. Behind me just now on my bookshelf sits a very well worn hardback copy of this. I read my mother and sister’s copy as a youth and purchased my own as an adult so that I could take this world with me where ever I went. That, my friends, is an ultimate book compliment. So thank you McCaffrey for giving the world such wonderful works of sci-fi/fantasy with strong, believable female characters and stories that won’t ever die.


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