Confessions of a Bookaholic


Everyone has their own reading habits. Maybe you are the type of reader that prefers sitting in a certain sunny spot while reading. Perhaps you read most comfortably with a certain drink or at a certain time of day. Then again, maybe you are one of those people who doesn’t use bookmarks, or will only read physical books. These are my bookish confessions.

I have absolutely zero problem DNFing books. I know many readers will power through a book whether they enjoy it or not. I’m not on that boat. If I get 25% through the book and am not liking it, I’m done. End of story, no second guessing. Forget it. Life it short, don’t read bad books.

I will read anywhere except in bed. I sit on the floor, lean on the kitchen cabinets, sit in the grass at the playground, anywhere but in bed. If I lay or sit in bed to read no matter how interesting the book is I will doze off. No exceptions.

I will never dog ear a page. I’ve had to use some odd bookmarks over the years because of this preference but I just can’t bring myself to do it. In recent memory I’ve used grass, a piece of toilet paper, my daughter’s sock, a Lego, my phone, and once when I was in a particular rush I used a slice of plastic wrapped cheese.

I have little preference between ereader or physical copy. I will read either way without qualm. If I have a favorite book I do tend to get a physical copy of it to put on my shelves but for the most part I just go with the cheaper or more easily available option.

I am an avid library user. Typically I am at the library once or twice a week. Some folks have the need to own whatever book they are reading but I am perfectly happy paging through a book that dozens of people have gone through before. It is free and if I end up not liking the book then I have wasted no money. Win win.

I can’t read when I’m cold. Bit odd, isn’t it? If I am not at a physically comfortable temperature I just can’t focus on a book. I don’t care if there is noise or distractions but being too cold (or too hot) is a reading deal breaker.


Do you have any odd or out of the ordinary reading preferences? Tell me about them! 

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. I love reading about others’ reading habits! I should try to do one of these posts sometime. I definitely relate to a lot of these, particularly the reading in bed one. I still do it more than I should, but I end up dozing off most of the time. Oops!

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