Awesome Blogger Award


This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.

I spotted this over at Nut Free Nerd and she left it open for all. It looked like a fun thing to do and let me share a little more about myself with you all! I love sharing things outside of books with you from time to time.


What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Visiting Egypt. I want to see the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, go through the museums, see the ruins of Amarna…there is so much. I can’t speak the language and would stick out terribly but would still love to see it all.

What’s your favorite podcast?

I have never really watched a podcast. Sorry. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what it is.

Do you have any pets?

I do! I have a very rotten yet lovable floof of a cat named Pogo, my German Shepherd Patrick, a bearded dragon named Puff, and Phish the goldfish. I love pets.


What was your favorite game to play when you were a kid?

When I was little I lived on top of a mountain in the West Virginia Appalachian mountains. It was windy and the power lines were never reliable during a storm. Anytime the power would go out my family would gather around the table and we would play Bogle and Scrabble. I was terrible at both as I was under 10 but those are still good memories.

What was the last restaurant you went to?

For dinner last night we went to this hibachi place in town. The food is good but the fun part is watching my little girl watch the fellow cook. She was full of laughs and smiles, oohs and aahs. It was great.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

This is a question I’ve thought about often over the years and my answer to it has changed regularly. Currently, I’d love to live in one of the London suburbs. I’d be able to travel fairly easily to see the castle ruins and old monasteries, have convenient access to everything I need, and still not be in the middle of the hubbub.

What’s your favorite musical artist/band?

Another answer that changes with some regularity. Admittedly, I haven’t listened to a lot of music the last few years and couldn’t pick any newer music stars out of a lineup. I will always sing along with Nirvana, Collective Soul, Green Day, Staind…pretty much any 90s alt rock.

What TV series did you most recently finish?

I just finished all currently released seasons of The Librarians but there is a new season coming in December. I love that show! It is often silly and overly dramatic but still so much fun. Its like Warehouse 13 meets Doctor Who.


What book would you recommend to EVERYONE?

There is no book that would suit everyone. I will say, however, you should pick up a classic or two in your life. It gives you a vision into another world, another lifetime. I personally very much enjoy reading Poe’s works. He had such a brilliant mind and there are lessons to be learned from his stories.

Do you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate?

On the rare occasion I pick up chocolate I usually grab milk chocolate. Dark is too bitter for me and white chocolate, while nice every once in a while, is too sweet.


I love doing these things and I hope you all enjoy them, too. I, as always, nominate all of you!

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