The Happiness Tag

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I thought today, with one week left until Christmas, I would do a tag so we are going to do The Happiness Tag. Christmas, at least in our household, is about happiness and love so what would be better than a tag about happiness? I found this one over at Bella Blogs Because Books.



List Five Things That Make You Happy:

My little girl. I became a mother rather unexpectedly but nothing makes me happier than my kiddo. She is sweet and crazy and so much fun. Remind me I said this next time she and her attitude come out to play.

My pets. I have two pets, an amazing German Shepherd named Patrick and a really rotten blob of grey fluff named Pogo. They are both wonderful and I love them very much. Pogo may be completely rotten but he is so fun and is the perfect cat for my family. Patrick is a 75lb lap dog who has yet to figure out how big he is. Love them both.

A good book. Come on. This is a book blog. What did you expect me to say? There is nothing quite like a good book, one that can just transport you away from whatever else happens to be going on in your life. Not just anything has that kind of magic.

A quiet morning. There is nothing quite like some nice, peaceful quiet. I love an early morning sitting or working in that peace before the rest of the world wakes up and starts to bustle. It is so calming.

A good workout. I love to work up a good sweat. It boosts endorphins, works toxins out of your system, relieves stress, and just gives you a general sense of well being. I struggle with temper issues from time to time and knocking the snot out of a punching bag or running so hard your legs go numb is a great way to redirect that energy.

List Five Songs That Make You Happy:

Only Happen When it Rains by Garbage

Adrenalize by In This Moment

Wonderwall by Oasis

I Miss the Misery by Halestrom

Inside Out by Eve 6


I tag all of you lovely people! Share some of your happiness this holiday season.

7 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

  1. I’m glad to help you find this tag! I love my 75 pound lap dog as well. My mom and I have an ongoing debate as to whether he is one, being a lab, but I consider any dog on a lap to be a lap dog.


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