Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Read but don’t Remember


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week they provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. You don’t have to do all ten. Instead you can do three, five, fifteen, whatever you want. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

This week’s theme is Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About. I’m choosing to alter it slightly to Books I read but don’t Remember

Constable and Toop by Gareth P. Jones – I know I read this one. Heck, I even wrote a review. But sitting here now for the life of me I can’t remember anything more about it than I think it maybe had ghosts involved. Probably.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer – About a year ago I read this book and I LOVED it. I remember loving it. Now the best I can say is that a pumpkin is involved. And maybe pie?

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years #1) by Gregory Maguire – When I first read this book around fifteen years ago I loved it. Since then I have reread it probably three times as well as the other books in the series. You know what? I recall very little about it.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1) by Laini Taylor  – I know I read this book because I felt awkward about borderline hating it. Do I recall anything outside of, “I think someone had wings…” No. No I do not.

By Helen’s Hand (Helen of Sparta #2) by Amalia Carosella – Going back through my read books on Goodreads I stumbled across this one. I gave it 4 stars, apparently. Outside of the obvious link in the title to Helen of Sparta I don’t remember a single detail about it. Nothing. Yikes!

The Meaning of Night (The Meaning of Night #1) by Michael Cox – Here is another book that I gave four stars to and yet only have the very vaguest memories of. I think someone died on a horse.


I am currently trying to work on this and make sure my daughter’s new puppy doesn’t destroy anything so I think I am going to stop at six today. Nice even number, right? Link me your TTT in the comments so I can check them out!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Read but don’t Remember

    1. I wish I had loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone the way so many people seemed to. Taylor is a wonderful author and I highly enjoyed Strange the Dreamer but something about DoSaB really rubbed me the wrong way when I read it. I don’t remember what it was I didn’t know but I definitely recall not liking it, haha.

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  1. Totally with you on Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I know that I really liked it but other than that and the fact that it’s set in Prague, I barely remember anything. Glad you liked Heartless! I didn’t enjoy it very much myself, sadly.
    Great list!

    My TTT:


  2. I liked DOSAB enough to read the sequel (which I liked more) even though all I really remember about DOSAB itself is my eye-rolling at the ludicrous romance and the fact I was glad the narrative eventually called out how Karou was such a Mary Sue (she had spent all these wishes on making herself a manic pixie dream girl, and was still less of a manic pixie dream girl than her best friend. Go figure). Plot, though? Don’t remember much of that…


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