Free Write Fridays – February 9


Most Fridays I will be posting a book review, hopefully, but I wanted to add something else. Reviews are wonderful but some Fridays just need a little something extra, especially those weeks that I don’t have a review to offer. In comes Free Write Friday.

The concept – Free Write Fridays will contain a short passage, poem, excerpt, letter to a senator, or anything else that has gone from my brain to the page during the week that is not a part of my main writing project. I often find myself jotting down a random free write when I’m frustrated with my main project and then it ends up moldering in a folder. Instead, I think I’ll share them with you. Could be fun!

These pieces will appear in their original form which is often unedited and are my intellectual property alone

This week I stumbled across a piece I did a few years ago while cleaning up my files. Honestly, until I opened the document I had absolutely no memory of it. It took reading a few paragraphs to jog my memory. This piece is from my dystopian/sci fi/end of the world phase.


There was only silence. The force of the absolute quiet pushed in on Adalira like a weight. It was making it hard to breath, hard to see. Even the fluorescent bulbs seemed to be brighter than usual, blinding her. Swinging her legs off the side of the bed she nearly screamed just to relieve the pressing silence. She couldn’t take it anymore.


After what felt like an eternity, she heard the ship’s intercom switch on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the team on the surface has safely returned to us!”

Captain Lamar’s familiar voice rang throughout the ship. Adalira could hear the cheers of her fellow passengers ringing through the halls.

“After the evening meal, please join me in the hall to go over our next steps!”

The captain’s voice rang off the speakers with a static filled click.


Adalira let out a deep breath she felt like she had been holding for days. The exploration team had only been gone a few hours but the time their ship had been on total silence felt like it had been days. It was the first time in generations anyone had been off the ship. If the stories about the planet were true it was also the first time in several hundred years a human being had set foot on their native planet.


Hundreds of years earlier mankind had nearly been wiped out. Disease had swept the planet. All men, women, and children died within a week of contracting the disease. There were no cures, no treatment. The best the doctors of the time could do was quarantine areas of mass outbreak, but it wasn’t enough. Entire countries were cut off from the rest of the world. Transcontinental travel had completely stopped. All air travel was grounded. Many people chose to board themselves up in their homes to await the end. When the food began running out, suicides were rampant. No one was exempt from the disease. The Pope, the prime minister, the president, children; they all fell. The plague ate the world.


Once mankind realized that there was no stopping this spread of death, they looked to the stars as their final salvation. A group of men and women worked tirelessly to ready a ship to send a contingent of humans to live in space. The last of man sent to live among the stars.


The people sent were the best and brightest of those left that tested negative for any indication of the disease. During final construction of the ship they were well guarded to be sure that no trace of that plague continued in that last crucial group of humans. Hundreds of years later, the descendants of those men and women had made their way back to the planet in hopes of reclaiming their ancestral home.  


Adalira’s ancestors were among the lucky few to have boarded that ship so many years ago. She was one of the last remaining humans out of a group of around 500. That was it. 500 humans left alive in the known universe. It was their goal to resettle on Earth and continue mankind’s legacy. But first, the planet had to examined to be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the plague that had decimated the population was truly gone. The scientists had done studies leading them to believe that the disease will have died out within 250 years of it’s initial discovery. That initial crew on board the Esperanza had voted to wait 350 years before returning to the planet as a safety net, to ensure that any trace of the disease was long dead and gone.


Adalira swung down from her bunk. She could practically feel the energy of the crew racing around the ship and wanted to go be a part of it. Letting her cabin door hiss shut behind her, she found herself in the crowded but familiar hallway.


Even now I only have the vaguest memories of writing this. From the save date I can see that it was from a not-so-good time in my life so I wonder what was going through my head. Do you sometimes forget what you’ve written?

2 thoughts on “Free Write Fridays – February 9

  1. I don’t remember every WORD I’ve ever written. I sometimes forget a concept, but usually I remember things right when I read whatever random stuff I wrote down. I think I’m good at that though. I only need a phrase or two to recall an idea I had. I also think if an idea doesn’t stick, it’s probably because it wasn’t a very good idea. I’m not sure others would agree with that.


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