Book Spotlight |The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters



In my Book Spotlight piece I will be bringing you an upcoming release and/or cover reveal. These books are ones I am excited about whether they are from a new or an established author. This week I have a book that has me truly excited, The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters. 


Title: The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

Expected publication: April 16, 2019

Publisher: Amulet Books


Seventeen-year-old Edgar Poe counts down the days until he can escape his foster family—the wealthy Allans of Richmond, Virginia. He hungers for his upcoming life as a student at the prestigious new university, almost as much as he longs to marry his beloved Elmira Royster. However, on the brink of his departure, all his plans go awry when a macabre Muse named Lenore appears to him. Muses are frightful creatures that lead Artists down a path of ruin and disgrace, and no respectable person could possibly understand or accept them. But Lenore steps out of the shadows with one request: “Let them see me!”


5351847Cat Winters is an award-winning, critically acclaimed author of fiction that blends history with the supernatural. Her young adult works include IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS, THE CURE FOR DREAMING, THE STEEP AND THORNY WAY, ODD & TRUE, and a forthcoming novel about Edgar Allan Poe’s teen years, THE RAVEN’S TALE (available April 16, 2019). She is also the author of two adult novels, THE UNINVITED and YESTERNIGHT. She has been named a Morris Award finalist, a Bram Stoker Award nominee, and an Oregon Spirit Book Award winner, and her books have appeared on numerous state and “best of” lists.

Winters was born and raised in Southern California, just a short drive down the freeway from Disneyland, which may explain her love of haunted mansions, bygone eras, and fantasylands. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two kids. Visit her online at


Guys, I am really excited for this book. I have an obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. My most prized physical possession is a collection of Poe’s works published in 1912. It is beautiful. My dog is named Poe. I have plans to visit Poe’s grave in Baltimore. I. Love. Poe. When I spotted this book posted on Metal Phantasm Reads I got little hearts for eyes. I absolutely cannot wait to read this book!

4 thoughts on “Book Spotlight |The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

    1. I was maybe 15 and wandered into a used book store with my mom and aunt in Frederick, MD. Huge place and somehow I stumbled across that lovely book tucked away in a dusty corner. It is in excellent shape, too. If I recall they priced it at 3$, to me it was treasure.

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