Life and Blogging Update

Hello everyone! Amanda here with a few things I’d like to share. For the last two years I have posted as regularly as I can, five or six days a week. I’ve talked to so many wonderful people through Literary Weaponry and have made some absolutely lovely friends. Lately, you may have noticed, I have been posting less and less and I felt like I owe you an explanation.

Recently I’ve had some medical concerns which have taken up much of my time and energy. I went to an urgent care center a few weeks ago thinking that I had hyperthyroid or some kind of infection. After several doctors appointments and testing, as well as fighting with my insurance company, it turns out I have a tumor. The doctor currently thinks that it is benign but I have to go for further testing to determine that definitely and take any needed steps after that point.

On top of the physical energy and time it takes for those appointments and followup phone calls it is also taking a lot of my mental energy dealing with this. There are also needles involved. I cannot begin to express to you how much I truly hate needles. Something about a pointy metal object piercing my skin and entering my body makes me lose my mind.

I will continue posting on LW as I find time and the motivation to do so. Unfortunately, this also may affect my NaNoWriMo aspirations. Writing and reading are my life and I will continue working toward my life goal of becoming a traditionally published author despite any of the stepping stones and hurdles that are in my way. Currently, this lump in my neck is in my way and I will overcome it and keep moving.

Thank you all for the support over the last couple years here at Literary Weaponry and I am looking forward to more to come. This is just a blip in the road and once it is over I intend to come back and continue blogging and sharing my love of all things book related regularly once again.

Cheers to a clear road ahead.

Amanda @ Literary Weaponry (November 1, 2018)


6 thoughts on “Life and Blogging Update

  1. Take care of yourself before you even think about blogging! I’m sending you good karma and positive thoughts and I hope you’re feeling better very soon.


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