Review | Evermore (Everless #2) by Sara Holland

Title: Evermore (Everless #2) by Sara Holland

Publisher: Harper Teen

Published: December 31, 2018 (US)

Read as: US Hardcover

Average Goodreads rating: 3.59

My rating: 3.5

Jules Ember was raised hearing legends of the ancient magic of the wicked Alchemist and the good Sorceress. But she has just learned the truth: not only are the stories true, but she herself is the Alchemist, and Caro—a woman who single-handedly murdered the Queen and Jules’s first love, Roan, in cold blood—is the Sorceress.

The whole kingdom believes that Jules is responsible for the murders, and a hefty bounty has been placed on her head. And Caro is intent on destroying Jules, who stole her heart twelve lifetimes ago. Jules must delve into the stories that she now recognizes are accounts of her own past. For it is only by piecing together the mysteries of her lives that Jules will be able to save the person who has captured her own heart in this one.

Evermore is the second, and final, book of the Everless duology. When I read Everless I was mesmerized by the story telling and the second I put it down last January I was already yearning for the second book. To say the least, when Evermore arrived on my doorstep it didn’t sit on my shelf long before I cracked it open and began devouring the story.

Sadly, I quickly found that Evermore wasn’t going to reel me in the way Everless did.

We jumped right back into the story mere days after the first one left off and the action started immediately. I have to admit, that is something I enjoy. I don’t like waiting around while background information is shoved down my throat but prefer to be thrown in and figure things out as I go. I know not everyone feels that way but it is certainly a preference of mine.

Quickly, we are given a fresh emotional connection to our heroine, Jules, upon her return to her hometown. Unfortunately, after this heart wrenching scene (which I won’t spoil for you here), things go a bit downhill. The story takes a quick turn away from action and adventures and we are lost in a series of flashbacks which left me as the reader more irritated and confused than entertained. These flashbacks continue through to the end of the book which left me feeling disconnected from the characters and overall plot line.

I’ll keep this review quick since this is the second book of the series but I do feel like I need to bring up a few points. The romantic story feels like it is forced and not a natural progression at all, the villain doesn’t have a satisfying conclusion, and nothing truly feels wrapped up at the end. For the end of a series I expected much more and I wanted so much more from the love interest than a handful of forced scenes.

Is it worth reading? Sure, absolutely, if you have read Everless you may as well finish the series but it isn’t anything to shout about.

2 thoughts on “Review | Evermore (Everless #2) by Sara Holland

  1. Ah, that’s sad to hear! 😦 I’ve really been looking forward to reading Evermore, so I’ll probably still give it a go… but I’ll bear what you said in mind! Sounds like second book syndrome 😛


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