Unexpected Readathon!

This weekend I am excited to announce that I will be participating in my first readathon! Thats right, years in this community and a lifetime of book loving and I’ve never participated in an organized readathon.

I always love reading other people’s posts about the ones they have participated in but taking part in one myself seemed daunting. The one I have chosen is Unexpected Readathon hosted by Destiny at Howling Libraries.

The rules for this one are simple, and I think that’s why I like it. Below is the information posted by Destiny on Goodreads.

Our first readathon starts right away, on March 2nd! You can start at midnight in your time zone, and the readathon will end at 11:59PM in your time zone on Tuesday, March 5th.

The only requirement is to post some sort of update(s) as you go, whether that’s the number of pages you read (overall or per day), how many hours you spent reading, what your favorite read was, etc. The more discussion, the better! Feel free to tell us how you’re feeling about your readathon picks, and please post your TBR for the readathon!

Fulfilling challenges is NOT required, but if you’d like a few challenges to fill for this readathon:
1. Read a book with diverse rep! (i.e. POC rep, queer rep, disability rep, etc.)
2. Read something short: this can be a graphic novel, manga, poetry collection, novella, whatever you like.
3. Read something with your favorite color on the cover.

I will be reading:

I’m really looking forward to this and will let you know how it went. Happy reading!

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