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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week they provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. You don’t have to do all ten. Instead you can do three, five, fifteen, whatever you want. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

This week’s theme is Audio Freebie. Now, I’ve made it pretty well known that I love audiobooks but the idea of sharing other audio loves is also appealing. I think it gives a little more insight into the blogger behind the book reviews, just another glimpse into our personalities outside of reading, and I certainly love that. I hope you do, too!


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik – The narration for this book is absolutely magical. The story itself is already wondrous and swept me away but once you add in the the magnificent voice acting of Lisa Flanagan you become absolutely transported to a magical, if cruel, world. I absolutely could not stop listening and will pick up anything else Flanagan narrates.

The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy #1) by S.A. Chakraborty – I loved listening to this book. This is one of the first stories I ever read with a middle eastern or Arabic fantasy setting and, I will be honest, I was tripping over many of the names and pronunciation. The audiobook allowed me to fall in love with this story while learning more about how to pronounce what I saw on the page. The City of Brass was one of my favorite reads of 2018 and I’m very grateful that the audiobook allowed me to enjoy it more thoroughly.

Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) by Laini Taylor – This is the book that got me hooked on audiobooks. I had a free trial of Audible and picked this book as my first choice because I wanted to read it but hate the cover so much that I didn’t want to have to look at it every time I read it. Yes, I hate it that much. This book and the lyrical voice acting are what initially got me interested in audio reads and I haven’t looked back since.


Below I will link some of my favorite songs, no context. They say music is a window to the soul. I’m not sure what my tastes say about my soul but it makes me happy.

Stone Temple Pilots, Creep
Dorothy, Raise Hell
The Pretty Reckless, Heaven Knows
In This Moment, Adrenalize
Nirvana, The Man who Sold the World

~The Rest~

Lore Podcast – I actually stumbled across this very recently when V.E. Schwab made a comment on their Twitter page and it popped up in my feed. I tried a couple of episodes and now I am hooked. I have actually been listening to this during my workouts instead of my usual audiobooks.

Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares.

Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.


These are some of my favorite audio entertainments. What are some things that you listen to that give you joy?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Audio Freebie

  1. Great list! I agree, the Strange the Dreamer audiobook is amazing – Steve West is a wizard – and I loved Spinning Silver, so I’d be interested in re-reading it via the audiobook in future. 🙂

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