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Welcome to the Get To Know The Blogger tag! This tag was created by Goodey Reads and she tagged me as well. I haven’t done a tag in ages and thought this would be fun! I love that these tags give insight into the person behind the blog outside of just bookish love so I always love to jump into them. Let’s do it!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you! 
  2. Link back and credit the original creator (GoodeyReads)
  3. Answer book questions about yourself.
  4. Answer the other questions about yourself.
  5. Change the last 5 questions when you tag someone else (if you want! – the more random the better)
  6. Tag at least 3 people.
  7. Have fun! (ooh, that was cliche)

A book about where you’re from (City, State, Country – your choice)

Okay, so I haven’t actually read this one but finding something I’ve read based in the state of Virginia was impossible. However, I remember my mother reading this series when I was little so it gets to count.

A book about your favorite non-bookish hobby

Outside of reading, writing, and blogging about it all my favorite hobby is running. I love running. I have never found anything else that helps me clear my mind and stomp out angry or sad moods as much as working up a good sweat does.

A book about a fear of yours

This book I actually have read and adored. However, it does involve a topic that I find mildly terrifying. I don’t like water. Even when I do go to the beach I tend not to get in above my knees, if I am in a pool I HAVE to be able to touch the bottom. When I was fairly little, maybe 6 or 7, my family was vacationing at the beach and I absolutely loved it and was swimming and diving in the salty water. Then, I got pulled under by a wave and couldn’t figure out which way was up. Even that small I realized the seriousness of my predicament and thought I was going to die as I was being tossed around by the current. Since then water has terrified me. I was a full grown adult before I truly realized how traumatizing that experience had been.

A book about something that brings you joy

Something that I absolutely love and gives me such joy is mythology. I’m especially partial to Ancient Egyptian mythology but I also am fascinated by Greek and Roman. Uncle Rick has written some wonderful books inspired by all three mythos and they are absolutely wonderful.

A book about your career/what you’re studying in school

Look, I was an English major. Pick any book for this and it would be relevant. LET IT RAIN BOOKS! I wish there was a gif for that…

What job would you be terrible doing?

I would be the world’s worst nurse. 1) I don’t like touching people. I absolutely despise the feeling of skin to skin contact. 2) Blood. Guts, wounds that have stopped bleeding, those I have no problem with. But I can’t stand the sight of blood. 3) I’m not nice enough for that. Nurses are always so nice and friendly and comforting, I don’t think I have that in me.

What’s a subject you wish you knew more about?

Astrophysics- the branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies, and the application of the laws and theories of physics to the interpretation of astronomical observations. Space is fascinating.

In your opinion, what is the best day on the calendar and why?

Pick any day in May. Tax season is over, there are no major holidays or birthdays to worry about, it isn’t too hot outside yet. May is a good month.

What is the craziest item you spent way too much on?

High school class ring. A year out of high school that thing got popped into its box and put away and now I only see it when we move and I need to sort through things to pack or trash. What a waste.

What’s a quirky thing you do?

When I need to talk I have to move. Like, pace constantly. I don’t like speaking even if it is in front of someone I love and trust. I just…hate it. If I have to sit still when I’m talking then forget it, you are just going to get gibberish and nonsense. At least when I am pacing I can mostly form coherent sentences. Drives my husband batty.

I very much enjoyed doing this tag so I invite you all to do it, too! Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “Get To Know The Blogger Tag

    1. They really are a waste but at the time I thought they were the shit. Ah, to be young and oblivious again.

      The black hole photograph has been fascinating. There is so much about space we just take our best educated guess at and it is wonderful. Like why does a black hole emirate heat when all matter is pulled in by its immense gravitational force? Heat, in theory, should not be able to escape that force. We don’t know and that is so cool.

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  1. Omg I don’t like water either (which is interesting because I’m a Pisces, and it’s a water sign haha). When I go to the beach I will walk in until the water is just above my ankles and then won’t go any further. That’s funny about the high school class ring, I’m glad we never got those at my school or I would have done the same thing haha. This is an awesome tag, I’ll give this one a go!!

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