ABC Book Challenge – B

In the ABC Book Challenge, you take a letter of the alphabet and share books on your TBR or that you’ve read starting with that letter. Sounds pretty simple, right? This is a fun way to showcase books that have caught your attention or that you’ve read in the past.

The letter of the week is – B

Books on my TBR

Books I’ve Read

Going through my lists, I see I apparently have not read any books starting with the letter. Instead, here we have books that have the letter B in the title rather than start with it.

Not finding B books I’ve read this week made me wonder if that was just a fluke or if there aren’t very many books that start with B. So, I did a search. Most of the books I found that start with B are with the words Beautiful or Blood. Just thought that was interesting. Join me next week for books featuring the letter C! (typing that made me feel like I was on Sesame Street…)

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