ABC Book Challenge – C

In the ABC Book Challenge, you take a letter of the alphabet and share books on your TBR or that you’ve read starting with that letter. Sounds pretty simple, right? This is a fun way to showcase books that have caught your attention or that you’ve read in the past. 

The letter of the week is – C

Books on my TBR

Books I’ve Read

I have found that I really enjoy doing these ABC posts. It is fun scrolling through what I’ve read and things on my TBR, browsing the titles. What is a favorite book you’ve read that starts with C?

One thought on “ABC Book Challenge – C

  1. What a fun challenge! I’m hoping to read The City of Brass and A Curse So Dark and Lonely this year. 🙂 I’ve actually started The City of Brass and liked it, but I keep distracted by other books that need to take priority for whatever reason. I LOVE the cover of The Cold is in Her Bones – it’s another one I think I need to try out!


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