May Wrap Up

Throughout April I was in a terrible reading slump so it was a relief for me when we got to May and I finally got that reading mojo back. We all know it is frustrating to know that you love reading but just not feeling like reading. That imposter syndrome starts to creep in. Luckily, I am happy to say that I kicked it in the pants. Lets take a look back at May.


Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle #2) by Jay Kristoff – I was not as enamored with this back as I had hoped to be. People seem to be over the moon about this series and, well, its good but nothing I feel the need to shout about. 4/5

Lady Smoke (Ash Princess Trilogy #2) by Laura Sebastian – What a pile of flaming garbage. I was very excited to read this book and then every page was a let down. Theodosia can go jump off a cliff. If I knew her IRL she would be one of those people I want to slap some sense into with great enthusiasm. The characters in this book did not have the combined sense to fill a teaspoon. The only reason it didn’t get a 1 was because the end wasn’t completely terrible. 2/5

Finale (Caraval #3) by Stephanie Garber – This was a romance novel with a fantasy backdrop. Not a bad thing but when that isn’t what you are expecting after the first two books of the series it is a bit of a let down. The plot in this book barely seemed to connect to the first two and it felt rushed, had love triangles that made no sense, and the ending left a lot of strings dangling. 3/5

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee – I read this as part of the Dragons and Tea Book Club and, well, it was a bit of a drag. There was some great rep in this book and for an MG that is just absolutely fabulous. The story also included some very positive family ties which was nice to see. Outside of that I could have done without reading this one. 2.5/5

Devil’s Daughter (The Ravenal’s #5) Lisa Kleypas – From time to time I like to indulge in a good romance novel and Lisa Kleypas writes some of the best. The women in her stories, at least those I’ve read, are always strong and demand respect. I’ve genuinely enjoyed her Ravenal series. 4/5

Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle #1) by Jay Kristoff and Aime Kaufman – Every time I think about this book my opinions change. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, and I keep flip flopping back and forth. Maybe I’ll never figure out what I truly think. It is both good and bad. I don’t even know what to say. ?/5


~In The Life~

The month of May was busy for life in general. My little girl graduated preschool which was awesome but it did bring along a few speed bumps. Tears, so many tears, and realizing we needed to enroll her in kindergarten but the school system we live in is less than ideal. So, we have begun house hunting. I love looking at pictures of the beautiful houses but why do the prettiest ones at the best price have to be in the wrong school system? What is this adult hell I am currently living in. I would genuinely rather cut off a toe. Or two.

While my May reading didn’t go too poorly my blogging did. With the end of the school year, doctors appointments, and life in general being a little hectic I didn’t get much done. Here is to hoping that everyone’s June is fabulous and happy reading!

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3 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. I can definitely relate with feeling a bit of imposter syndrome! Lately I’ve been finding that I turn to blogging more rather than reading more, and I’ve been wondering why. But sometimes you just don’t feel like reading all the time, and a break can be nice. Hope your house hunting turns out well!!


  2. I hope June is awesome for you girl! Best of luck with the house hunting 🙂 I’m nearly done with Aurora Rising and since it’s my first book by this duo, I think it’s great. I’m curious what your review will be once you post it


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