Review | Timekeeper (Timekeeper #1) by Tara Sim

Title: Timekeeper (Timekeeper #1) by Tara Sim

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Published: November 8, 2016

Read as: ebook, Kindle

Average Goodreads rating: 3.83

My rating: 3.5 (rounded to 4 on Goodreads)

I was in an accident. I got out. I’m safe now.

An alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, where a damaged clock can fracture time—and a destroyed one can stop it completely.

A prodigy mechanic who can repair not only clockwork but time itself, determined to rescue his father from a Stopped town.

A series of mysterious bombings that could jeopardize all of England.

A boy who would give anything to relive his past, and one who would give anything to live at all.

A romance that will shake the very foundations of time. (Goodreads)

“There comes a moment when time seems to slip faster, running long then short, shadows shrinking as the sun climbs. It’s the moment, he decided, when you’re no longer a child. When the concept of time and the need for more of it come together and make you powerless. Make you yearn for the longer days, the lazy days, before you knew what time passing actually meant.”

I’ve had this book sitting owned in my Kindle files for quite some time now. It was one of those books that popped up on a great sale and I bought it with the assumption I’d read it eventually. Well, eventually was two years later but I got there.

This is one of those books that I enjoyed but find myself not having a lot to say about it. It was an easy read, didn’t take a lot of brain power, but was still interesting and held my attention. My brain is on overload lately so having a fairly quick and not overly complicated read was certainly a plus for me.

What I Liked

  • The LGBTQIA rep in this book felt very well done. The fact that our main character was open about his sexuality and neither tried to draw attention to it or shy from it was great. It was just a part of him and he did not seem to care what anyone else had to say about it. I love that.
  • The uniqueness of this story is truly what originally drew me to Timekeeper. I’ve never read anything quite like the magic/time magic system used in this book. It felt fresh, well thought out, and outside of the box.
  • Something that this plot relied heavily on were moral dilemmas. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I like a really in your face problem with obvious good and bad sides and repercussions no matter your choice. The end relies on how much the character is willing to sacrifice to do the right thing.

What I Didn’t Like

  • There were several parts of this story that just seemed to drag. I understand that entire books can’t be constant action but at the same time there can be too many reflective and slow parts. I grew tired of our lead character Danny’s reflection nature on several occasions.
  • I hated Danny’s mom with a burning passion. (Possible minor spoilers for those who haven’t read the book) Danny’s mom was so concerned with herself and what was best for her, how things affected her that she never seemed to stop and take her own son into consideration. Woman, I get that your husband is MIA but you have a kid to raise, a kid that needs your love and attention, you can’t check out like that. I understand that it was just used as a plot point but man did that piss me off. (End spoilery section)
  • At no point in the book did I ever feel entirely invested in the consequences. “If we don’t accomplish (insert thing here) then the world will end. Oh no!” Although the consequences were made obvious I never completely bought into that. It was interesting and kept my attention on the story but I never felt like the consequences were entirely plausible.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and intend to read the next one in the series at some point. I’ve come to understand that a lot of my enjoyment in books stems from the kind of story that I need at that exact time in my life. I needed simple and straightforward and that is what I got with Timekeeper which I think made me appreciate it more.

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