Goodreads Year End Review 2019

Every new year, it never fails, I am shocked that an entire year has already passed. It usually leaves me feeling really melancholy about the goals I wanted to accomplish but didn’t and where I want to be in life. I am trying to start off this January 2020 with a more positive attitude and setting a path to accomplish those goals.

One goal I did knock out of the park last year was crushing my Goodreads reading goal! It is nothing Earth shattering but seeing this small goal accomplished gives me hope for the coming year. Lets take a look back at my reading here at Literary Weaponry in 2019 and set a new reading goal going forward.

I had begun last year with a modest reading goal of 32 books. As the year progressed I gradually knocked it up to 52 books which I am very pleased to say that I crushed! I will never be one of those readers that gets 100-200 books read a year and that is okay. This total is only slightly down from 2018 when I read 25,932 pages over 64 books.

This metric gave me a chuckle. In 2018 my longest book was…exactly the same one. I still can’t believe that the Throne of Glass series is over and reading it through as audio has become something that gives me comfort when I’m feeling low. My average book length is actually up in 2019 from 405.

It gives me a bit of a laugh that only three other people recorded reading The Empire of Death. That was one of the short stories I chose to read over Halloween season and while it is nothing earth shattering it was interesting.

This stat has stayed fairly consistent for me over the last three years which probably says something about myself that I am not terribly interested in diving into. 2017 – 3.7 * 2018 – 3.8 * 2019 – 3.8

Hm, I’m not sure if I am embarrassed or amused but this is something else that has stayed exactly the same over the last three years. I enjoy reading Sarah J. Maas when I’m feeling blue, okay? It’s a thing. In a year we can look back together and see if this has finally changed…one can only hope.

Books Review from 2019

I didn’t review every book I read last year, some books you just don’t have a lot to say about and many for me were rereads, but here are the reviews that did make their way onto this blog.

Book reviews from 2019. Alphabetical by author’s last name. 

2020 Reading Goals

In the coming year I have set my current reading goal at 32 books. I started a new job, will hopefully be having surgery as well as hopefully re-enrolling in college during the year so I’m setting my goal at a reasonable number, all things considered.

This year I hope to make a time of change and progress and I’m glad to be sharing that journey, reading or otherwise, with you lovely folks. May your year bring you peace and joy.

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12 thoughts on “Goodreads Year End Review 2019

  1. It looks like you’ve had a really good reading year! Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than hitting my reading goal. I hope 2020 is good to you, you smash it at your new job and everything goes well. And that you get to the 32 books (and more) you set for yourself as your goal! Happy New Year!

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