Personal Reading Goals for 2020

When I started book blogging on my previous blog nearly ten years ago now, I had very little idea of what was available within the book community at large. Obviously there were stories from the main genres: fiction, non fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction. At least, that is what I saw as the main genres because those were the ones I knew about. Even Goodreads was still just a wee little baby webpage at the time.

Over the years since that initial bookish blog, which is long since defunct, my knowledge of the literary world has considerably grown just as I have grown.

However, it wasn’t until I started up Literary Weaponry four years ago that I really dove into having reading goals. For the most part that has consisted of how many books I read each year and reading new titles as they come out in an attempt to not let them collect dust on my shelves for years.

This past year I feel like I’ve grown a lot as person. My personal life goals have evolved and with them so have my reading goals. Let’s take a look together at my reading goals as we make our way through 2020.

Goodreads Goal

Something I’ve pushed myself at the last few years is getting 52 books or more a year.

This pushing myself to read to meet a quota just feels wrong to me now. Instead of reading for quantity in the coming year, I hope to read only for pleasure. I’ve never been afraid of DNFing a title that didn’t bring me joy but I feel that I’ve ignored some titles because of their length and the time it would take to read them. This year I’ll pick up any title that interests me, regardless of the estimated time it may take me to read it.

Varied Genres

Only the last few years I have noticed a certain trend in my reading. Mostly what I’ve picked up are YA fantasy titles. There is nothing wrong with that but lately I’ve found myself enjoying that genre less and less. I’m not sure if the genre itself is starting to fizzle or just my interest in it, I can’t say that I’ve taken the time to mentally analyze that. However, what I want to do this year is read more titles outside of the YA SFF boundaries.

In my twenties I was very much drawn to historical fiction and historical mysteries and I want to start reading more of those again as well as more horror/thriller titles. If it is my interests that have shifted that is fine but I won’t know unless I stick my neck out and pick up some books I might not have in the last couple years.

Backlist Titles

As I mentioned, over the last few years my main focus has been on YA SFF and within that mostly newly released titles. During 2020, I hope to reach back into the past and pick up some backlist titles that I have overlooked or forgotten about. Just because a book didn’t catch my attention when it was released doesn’t mean that I won’t love it now.

Keep it Realistic

Let me be frank with you: I’ve always been a little jealous of the people who manage to read 100+ books a year. That is just something I have just not been capable of with my inability to sit still, reading speed, and personal life. So something I want to remember during the year is to keep my goals realistic. I don’t wish to push myself into reading out of pressure or set a goal that I likely won’t be able to accomplish. I want to maintain control of things that are within my grasp and hold onto my love of reading.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your stats are, what new titles you’ve gotten your hands on, or how many ARCs you’ve read. What matters is your enjoyment of those things. If they don’t bring happiness to your life, why do them?

In that vein I’m also not going to be requesting many ARCs this year and keeping my requests to those books that truly and completely interest me. I started doing that a little last year and I hope to keep it up in 2020.

Those are my reading goals for 2020. I hope to keep it simple and to truly enjoy the books that I read.

What are some of your reading goals for the coming year?

9 thoughts on “Personal Reading Goals for 2020

  1. Those are very reasonable goals, and I hope you managed to reach them. Of course, more importantly, I hope you have fun reading !

    I also can relate to being less attracted to teen/YA books and having a growing interest towards thrillers and historical fiction. You’re not alone !

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