February Wrap Up!

February is an oddball month. Shortest month of the year, not the same amount of days each year, and you never know what kind of weather you are going to get. Are you going to freeze solid walking to the car or sweat your bum off planting flowers? You just never know.

Something else that seems to happen to me every February is a reading slump. I don’t know why but for the last few years it has been pretty consistent. This year, I didn’t really pick up a book until around Valentine’s Day on the 14th which is crazy. My work hours also shot up this month due to people quitting which very well could have contributed to that slump.

Here is my February in a nutshell!

Books Read

Folks, I downed that original Selection trilogy like it was water and I’d been left in the desert. Is that series absolute trash full of tropes, lacking diversity, full of over the top drama, and lacking much of any world building? Oh, absolutely. I gobbled it up anyway. I needed something simple and quick to read and this series filled that void. Interesting point of note, Kiera Cass actually went to University right here where I live so it also made me feel a little more connected to this little place I’ve chosen to call home.

Also, avoid those two romance novels, Marrying my Billionaire Boss and Starry Night. They are also trash but in the bad way.

Stacking the Shelves

I’ve been trying to be really good about not buying new books and instead reading what I already own or borrowing from the library. On one had I did really well this month! All the books I actually read were already owned or digital/library loans. On the other hand, I did pick up a few to add to my shelves that I didn’t read. Whoops!

All the Stars and Teeth was the OwlCrate February 2020 book so I’m not sure that one entirely counts. However, I couldn’t pass up The Shadows Between Us which is the book I’m currently reading and I’d had my eye on the other two for a considerable time.

Blog Posts

I didn’t really post much this past month. I mentioned earlier that it had been a bit of a tough month with my work hours jumping suddenly and it wore me out. On top of that I have a family and home to tend to and it just didn’t leave much time for this well-loved hobby of mine. But, here are the few blog posts that did go up this month.

March Goals

In the month of March I hope to:

  • post at least three times a week
  • read four books I already own
  • purchase no more than two additional books, not including OwlCrate

I miss blogging as much as I once did and really feeling a part of this community. I hope to find a little bit of that again.

I have high hopes for my March reading and have a fledgling plan to get my BookTube channel back up so hopefully I will be able to share more on that later.

You are all wonderful people and I wish you the happiest of months! May you enjoy every book you read and may every day be filled with love and happiness.

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