March Wrap Up

I usually try to start these wrap ups off with some sort of lighthearted jabbering. This month…well, I don’t have it in me. March has seen many people’s lives turned completely upside down within the course of just a few short weeks. Schools closing, businesses shutting their doors, people losing their jobs in the millions (3 million new people applied for unemployment in the US in March alone), and our very way of life interrupted. This is a modern day plague.

It is a scary time. Now instead of showing off a fascinating and thrifty purchase we are sharing that we’ve found toilet paper on store shelves. We are so excited when we see antibacterial soap in stock that we feel the need to share our precious find with the world. Everything is topsy-turvy and if I stop and think too long about it it becomes rather frightening. It has also become harder and harder for me to concentrate on reading with the state of the world as you’ll see in this wrap up

Books Read

Oh yeah, I only read two books in March and The Shadows Between Us only partially counts because I read the majority of it in February but finished it in March. When I first finished reading the book I had fairly positive thoughts about it and rated it a 4/5. After considering it further I changed my rating to a 3/5. The lead male character was lacking any sort of depth, he was more of a vessel for Alessandra to play off of than an actual character. Alessandra herself had flashes of absolute brilliance but her character’s development did not feel well fleshed out and just had convenient changes of heart to further the story along. Those changes were often played off of the plot fodder king.

Queen of Shadows was my fourth (yes fourth) reread of the audiobook. There is just something comforting about the fire breathing bitch queen. Will I continue to reread these books in the future? Absolutely. I’ve come to know the characters very well at this point and returning to the story is a comfort to me.

Added to my Shelves

Blog Posts

I’m really disappointed on how little content I managed this month. Obviously, it has been a weird month for us all but, for me, this is just pathetic. I hope to be able to produce more content for Literary Weaponry in the coming months.

April Goals

I try not to set lofty goals for myself but I feel like if I don’t set something concrete I will get nothing done in April. In the month of April I aim to:

  • Read and review at least three books
  • Write 3-4 posts per week, more if the mood strikes
  • Read more backlist titles

While February and March were not great reading months I have sigh hopes for April. I am currently on a leave of absence from work because of COVID and…sort of have some times on my hands. The other side of that is the schools are also closed so I’m trying to home school my daughter as well as take care of my normal chores. I have learned that I would have made a terrible teacher.

Happy April everyone. May it treat you and your loved one’s well. Stay safe. Stay home when you can.

5 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. That’s a heartfelt wrap up post Amanda! I’m trying to keep my anxieties under control too.. these are hard times and I pray we all get through this hale and hearty 🙂 happy reading!!


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