May Wrap Up

I don’t know about you but this whole year has me out of whack. First the weather has been off since January, then COVID and the chaos and fear that has come with it, and now it is the end of May and I have no idea how we ended up here. I also went back to work this month after taking a leave of absence because of said COVID which certainly hasn’t helped.

While I didn’t read as many books in May as I did last month, I still got through a few and managed to post on my blog enough that I don’t feel like quite such a slacker. Here is a look back at my bookish May.

Books Read

Winter’s Reach (Revanche Cycle #1) by Craig Schaefer – You know, looking back I’m fairly sure this is the only book I’ve read by a male author since last November. I don’t think that is a conscience choice, I just seem to prefer books written by people that are not male. Either way, this was a fairly middling adult fantasy. Wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible…okay some parts were terrible. All of the female characters that were featured in the book were either painted as whorish, simple, or controlled by men and the characters that were actually in control were obviously men. Now I am annoyed. Moving on. 3/5

Desperate Measures (Wicked Villains #1) by Katee Roberts – Lets call this what it is- erotica. But it was darn good erotica. We had a plot, a full cast of characters, and some top notch sex scenes. Granted, this wouldn’t be for everyone. There is nothing gentle or kind in this book. It isn’t a happily ever after and you certainly wouldn’t call the intimate scenes “making love.” But, it was a fun and quick read so no complaints from me. 4/5

Bone Crier’s Moon (Bone Grace #1) by Kathryn Purdie – This was such a good book! I mentioned in my review that it does have a lot of the tropes you expect to find in a YA fantasy but they were well written and enjoyable. The cast showed clear development and the plot didn’t lag. Overall this was a very good YA fantasy and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it is released February 2021. 4/5

Vision in White (Bride Quartet #1) by Nora Roberts – I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve read this Nora Roberts series. It is probably my favorite romance series and one I turn to when I’m feeling depressed. The happily-ever-afters just give me the feel goods and that I something I think we’ve all needed lately. 4/5

Added to the Shelves

The Reincarnationist, The House of Hades, and The Serpent’s Shadow were all purchased used through Thrift Books. I used to purchase used copies from them frequently but the quality has been really hit or miss over the past couple years. When a book is listed in “like new” condition you don’t expect it to have drawings on it or mold, right? Luckily, these three were acceptable which brings me one step closer to owning each complete series in hardback. The Darkest Part of the Forest was an impulse purchase as it was on an excellent sale.

Blog Posts

Top Ten Tuesday:

WWW Wednesday:

Down the TBR Hole:

Wrap up:

June Goals

In May, these are are what I set for my goals-

  • Purchase/receive no more than two new books – ✖️
  • Add fewer than five books to my TBR – ✔️
  • Read at least four already owned titles – ✖️
  • Post at least three times a week – ✖️

As you can see, I was not entirely successful. I will set the same goals this month and hope to improve upon them.


This May I returned to work after taking a leave of absence due to COVID starting the last week of March. I have to admit, it was tough. Having no choice but to be within close proximity of other people when I hadn’t been near anyone but my own family in over a month gave me a few moments of panic. I was very lucky to have a boss who understood those feelings and gave me space to adjust.

May also held the last day of school for my Kindergartener. I remember being little and last days of school were a big deal. I’d sing on the bus with my friends, we would laugh and talk about what we were doing that summer and make up outlandish stories. My girl’s last day was marked with a pretty dress she picked herself and “last day” photos in the yard. It was harder for me, I think, than her. To her six year old mind this was normal, she didn’t know differently. I also watched my cousin graduate from high school via a video taken by her uncle from a distance. Seeing her not having the celebration she should have hurt.

Now I’ve gone and made myself melancholy. I hope June holds joy and happiness for us all. May you all remain healthy, safe, and loved. Happy reading.

6 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. I also find it so saddening that this health crisis is forbidding many to celebrate it in a truly memorable way. I do hope they’ll be able to appreciate their journey and move forward nonetheless.

    I still need to read my first Riordan myself hahaha Happy reading! 🙂

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    1. I like Riordan because he tries to introduce topics in middle grade literature that are typically left out like LGBTQIA+, equality struggles, disability, and death of parent. The projected middle grade audience goes through those things too and seeing an author try to represent those topics in popular literature in a way those kids will understand and feel seen…well, it makes me respect the work just a little more. I hope that when you read them you get the same feeling. Happy reading!

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  2. Honestly I think covid has made alot of us unable to read as much as we would like, but 4 books is still awesome! Man that sucks that your baby girl didn’t get to have the kind of last day it should have been. My 6 year old niece was supposed to have a birthday party and my sister had to tell it to her gently that it wasn’t happening this year. I really hope that by this time next year covid will be a distant memory, but I think the liklihood of that happening is low. I hope you have a lovely June xx

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    1. COVID and now the protests.. the world is changing and there just isn’t the space in my head to enjoy stories the same way right now.
      I can’t imagine telling a six year old that they don’t get a birthday party. I hope that when the time comes for my girl’s that things will have let up enough that we can at least go do something with her. I hope your June is wonderful as well and stay safe. ❤️

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