June Wrap Up | 2020

I don’t know about you, but to me this entire year has felt like a whirlwind of insanity and confusion culminating in no little amount of pain. COVID, economic collapse (which means a lack of work hours for me), justifiable uprisings and protests for black rights, the government not truly caring about any of it…folks, I’m tired.

Along with all these feelings that I can’t even begin to unpack comes the need to disassociate from the real world and spend some time in fictional worlds that have their own perfectly solvable problems. I spent the month mostly rereading books that I was already familiar with which gave me a sense of grounding. Heres what I read and talked about in June 2020.

Books Read

Savor the Moment and Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts are the final two books in her Bride Quartet. This series has been my go-to feel-good romance series for years and while it certainly has its issues I always enjoy it. 4/5 both

The Betrothed (The Betrothed #1) by Kiera Cass – This book is legitimately the worst book I’ve ever read and, let me tell you folks, I’ve read some real duds. Read my full rant review if you want to know why. Thinking about this book just irritates me. 1/5

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J Maas – Yes, I’m reading the Throne of Glass series again. So what? This month I wanted stories I was familiar with, characters I knew by heart and this series certainly fits that. It is not perfect, in fact it is more delightful trash than anything, but I love it. 4/5

The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library #1) by Genevieve Cogman – The story Cogman crafted in this series just brings me such joy. The characters are fascinating, the stories are varied and detailed, and despite each book having a new mystery there is still an underlying thread tying them all together. This fantasy mystery series is comprised by some of my all time favorite books. The only thing that kept me from giving it a 5/5 was that the dialogue got a little overly heavy at times. 4/5

Invictus by Ryan Graudin – I love this book. I just…it is hard to explain how much I love it. I own three copies of this title and I’m not the kind of person to collect multiple copies of anything. At this point I know the characters so well that they live in my heart even when I’m not reading the book. The story has adventure, hope, determination, and just everything I want in a story. 5/5

Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle #2) by Aime Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (not pictured) – This book was a hard DNF from me. I only liked Aurora Rising in the vaguest of terms and had initially decided not to continue with this series. However, Aurora Burning became available at my library and I thought I would give it a shot. To say the least I did not get very far. At the first “bee-bro” I shut this book and never looked back. I think it is time for me to admit that Kristoff’s books just aren’t for me. DNF

Blog Posts

Top Ten Tuesday

Book Spotlight



Wrap Up

July Goals

These are the goals I set for June:

  • Purchase/receive no more than two new books – ✖️
  • Add fewer than five books to my TBR –  ✖️
  • Read at least four already owned titles – ✔️
  • Post at least three times a week – ✖️

Whelp. Failed on my June goals so I think I’ll give them a shot again in July and see what happens.


Normally in this section I would talk a little bit about my life outside of blogging for a bit. I like getting to know bloggers outside of their bookish love so I try to share those parts of me as well. I’m finding that harder to do this time. I normally can separate my emotions from reality when I’m sitting in front of a keyboard but I’m finding that difficult this month.

I live in the US and in late May the world saw the needless murder of George Floyd on the evening news. I am unsure in what ways the repercussions from that reached outside the US but here there is a great deal of unrest. I work in a client facing job and have gotten to know many of the regulars. This month, in support of BLM, I wore a wooden pin with BLM on it. The regulars began treating me differently when they noticed this, some positively refusing to speak to me or acknowledge my existence. It became so tense that my supervisor moved me to a more non customer facing position. How do we still live in a world where showing your support of equality and equal rights has a negative backlash?

Support your fellow humans. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Stand up when you see injustice. Do not be silent.

I hope you all had a good June and that July treats us all kindly. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “June Wrap Up | 2020

  1. glad you had some nice self-care reading in June. 🙂 it’s crazy how people react to such a simple statement as “black lives matter.” it’s great that you were able to show your support and that your boss moved you out of the way of confrontation rather than asking you to take it off.


  2. I’m currently reading Empire of Storms for the first time! Sorry to hear about your work. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. You’d think they’d be more friendly to you if you were showing your support…


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