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Today I will subjecting you to something that makes my soul burn with the fire of a thousand suns- book title changes post release. I am a fairly easy going person which is not something I could have said ten years ago. In my early twenties I was uptight and refused to bend over the smallest of detail. The slightest inconvenience was enough to ruin my day. Now, I am happy to say, I typically simply don’t give a shit. There is very little in my life that sends me into a tizzy because, quite frankly, I have better things to do with my time.

However, there is an exception to every rule.

In this case, my pet peeve, my thing that sends me into a fury, are book title changes post release. There is one in specific I would like to focus on today.

Above are the covers of the first two books in Gita Trelease’s Enchantée trilogy. Take a moment with me and admire these covers. The first book in particular is positively eye catching and it would draw my eye on a shelf every single time. I also love the use of the one word title. In its singularity the beautifully scripted Enchantée is powerful and the French lends it an air of elegance.

If you’ve never heard of these books, or just need a quick refresher, this series takes place in 1789 Paris, a time of revolution and uprising. This time of change was led by the people against their governing bodies which directly caused up to 50,000 deaths including that of Marie Antoinette. We follow the character of Camille who uses a forbidden magic to transform herself into a lady of the court. She and her sister are destitute and she is desperate to save them from the life on the streets that awaits them. But all magic has a price and Camille comes to learn exactly what she has to pay for her new found life of luxury.

This book is, in a word, beautiful. I don’t just mean the cover but the story itself is beautiful. The writing flows well and the story has an air of sophistication and charm that I can’t recall having found in the YA genre before. The title of Enchantée portrays that elegance and gives you a hint of the story within. Not only that but the word itself lets you know immediately that the book will have French roots which is obviously significant to the story. This title is well thought out and a perfect call to the soul of the book.

Now, lets take a look at the announced title change.

I am, in a word, disgusted. All That Glitters immediately makes me think of a typical story of faeries and YA tropes which is not at all what this story is about. There are no hints to the French roots within or the casual grace the story possesses. Instead we are left with cramped words that wouldn’t catch the eye. Even if they did snag nay attention, I would likely turn away without picking the title up to read the description. It gives us nothing about what is within and, in fact, I feel the new title is misleading.

Frustrated does not begin to describe my feelings of this title change. Enchantée is a wonderful book and one that I have recommended to many people. I truly do love it. If I did not I would not feel so angry about the disservice that has been done to an otherwise perfect title. The change was unwarranted and does not in the slightest encapsulate what a lovely story lies within its pages. Instead it makes me think of every other YA fantasy novel and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Do I still love this book? Yes. Will I still read the rest of the series? Of course. But I genuinely feel that the author and publisher’s decision to change the title will push away some readers who would have otherwise may have purchased these books. The change takes away from the story, from the experience, and leaves it mouldering in the growing pile of underrated YA novels.

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16 thoughts on “Rant | Book Title Changes

  1. Omg, All That Glitters is simply awful!! 😨 Who on Earth would prefer that to the old title??! Luckily, I haven’t really been affected by title changes so far – it’s actually cover changes that drive me nuts – but this example made me cringe and feel offended even though I haven’t even read the book 😂

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  2. What a strange decision. I don’t remember seeing a title change like this before post publication. Have they given any reason for changing it? The original titles and covers are great. (Though I haven’t read this series yet) Such a big change seems just weird and just be confusing for readers? I don’t see how this helps them.

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    1. According to what the author said on twitter, the titles changes, and I’m paraphrasing here, encompass more of where she wants the story to go and the heart of the story.
      Yeah, I rolled my eyes.
      Personally I think that the books didn’t sell as well as they initially hoped and then the sequel’s publication got pushed back so they are trying to create new hype and new interest in the series. I don’t think it is going to work.

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      1. Hmm it’s an interesting decision, but I don’t think it will work either. It seems odd that they didn’t change the covers, as in the artwork, as well. Go for a complete rebrand, so to say, if they were going to go as far as changing the title.


  3. Yeah I saw that as well and I don’t agree with the title changes. To me, titles like Enchantee and Liberte really make these books stand out from the other YA books set in Paris. I have no idea why they’re changing it now….

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    1. The original titles truly do make the books stand out, I agree. Instead of sounding like cookie cutter YA fantasy they have a little something extra, are a little different, much like the book itself is.

      I firmly refuse to believe that the author actually supports the change. She doesn’t strike me as an idiot. Personal opinion- the book didn’t sell as well as they hoped and the publisher thought that the French title was off-putting so they changed it to a run of the mill YA title. I may be wrong but…yeah, I doubt it.

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