Mini Review | A Touch of Darkness (Hades & Persephone #1) by Scarlett St. Clair

Title: A Touch of Darkness (Hades and Persephone #1) by Scarlett St. Clair

Published: May 25, 2019

Genre(s): fantasy, adult, romance, retelling

Read as: ebook

Rating: 4

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Modern Hades and Persephone Retelling

Persephone is the Goddess of Spring by title only. The truth is, since she was a little girl, flowers have shriveled at her touch. After moving to New Athens, she hopes to lead an unassuming life disguised as a mortal journalist.

Hades, God of the Dead, has built a gambling empire in the mortal world and his favorite bets are rumored to be impossible.

After a chance encounter with Hades, Persephone finds herself in a contract with the God of the Dead and the terms are impossible: Persephone must create life in the Underworld or lose her freedom forever.

The bet does more than expose Persephone’s failure as a goddess, however. As she struggles to sow the seeds of her freedom, love for the God of the Dead grows—and it’s forbidden. (Goodreads)

Book TW(s): female being drugged, attempted sexual assault, graphic intercourse

So, first of all, I’m a little mad. When I initially picked this book up it was sold to me by fellow book lovers as an erotica. Thats what I was in the mood for so when this turned into a full on drama romance with mommy issues I was really confused.

Then I got sucked in.

Let me be upfront with ya’ll, this is not a classy book. Our main character, Persephone, is full to the brim with drama. She is a young goddess, out on her own in the world for the first time, and she lacks any hint of power. But, she is also stubborn so when she enters into an accidental wager with Hades, the God of the Underworld, she is determined to make good on it. Her task is to create life in the Underworld. The problem is that every plant she touches withers and dies.

Hades is….well, Hades. He is written very much how I typically picture a fictional Hades in my head. Fiercely private, appears brutal and unforgiving to the outside world, but truly has a heart of gold and struggles with his own personal demons. Not to mention, this being a romance, undeniably sexy.

We follow Persephone and Hades both as they help each other conquer those personal demons and, eventually, the horizontal tango ensues. This story also includes a loyal, loving friendship dynamic which I actually found myself rather enjoying.

Overall, while this book wasn’t what I initially expected when I picked it up, I ended up really enjoying it. It was, to put it bluntly, unputdownable. If you are looking for an adult romance, mythology retelling, that borders on erotica then I would recommend this. It was just fun.

5 thoughts on “Mini Review | A Touch of Darkness (Hades & Persephone #1) by Scarlett St. Clair

  1. Hades and Persephone themed stories are a bit of a weakness of mine (although often done…not that well, unfortunately) and I had never heard of this one. I’m curious to give it a shot after reading this review. That cover is really awesome too.

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