March Wrap Up | BookTube Version

Earlier you may have seen me post my monthly wrap up in it’s usual written format. If you missed that or are interested in it you can find it here. However, I do post both here and on BookTube and if you sometimes enjoy your bookish content in the form of a chaotic, hyper active woman losing her train of thought every 45 seconds then boy do I have good news for you!

No, but really folks, I do have a BookTube channel and, yes, I’m rather chaotic. I don’t understand how so many people do the “pretty” videos. I’m a mess. I have accepted my mess. Maybe someone else out there will appreciate the mess I am as well.

I post regularly both here and on YouTube. If you like that kind of thing you can find my other videos here.

I hope you all are having a fantastic April!

đź–¤ Amanda

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