June TBR | Am I going to fail at it? Probably.

Previously here at Literary Weaponry I posted the written edition of my June TBR, which you can view here if you’d like. But, some of you know that I have also dipped my toe, mostly unsuccessfully, into book tube as well. So, for June, I decided to film a TBR as well!

This video, as with my previous two, my daughter wanted to participate but since she is seven I won’t allow her on camera so she has chosen one of her stuffed animals to hang out with me in this video. Do you like TBRs? Do you like chaos? Well, then maybe click the video and give it a shot.

Thanks for joining me! I hope all you reading is joyous

5 thoughts on “June TBR | Am I going to fail at it? Probably.

  1. I’m seriously impressed by how long your daughter managed to hold up that stuffed animal šŸ¤£ My arm muscles would have given up much sooner! And For the Wolf and The Jasmine Throne especially sound so interesting!

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    1. She gets so excited when I pull out the camera and races to pick what she is now calling her “stuffy of the day.” I figured she would do it for five minutes and walk off but for nearly 20 minutes she holds that thing up. It is hilarious and adorable.

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