August Wrap Up

August 2021 brought the return of my reading mojo! Every July, like clockwork, I find myself in a reading slump but I am very happy to say that it seems to have fizzled into thin air in August. In fact, it was my most successful reading month so far this year. I thought I would never top the thirteen books I read in March but August is closing out with fifteen along with two short story romances that I didn’t record because they were largely skimmed. Here’s what went down with my reading and on Literary Weaponry during the month.

Books Read

  • The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine – This is a book I picked up rather willy nilly. It isn’t one of my usual genres and I’m not sure what pulled me toward it but I’m sure glad it did. This historical-fiction mystery sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down. It is one of those books where you just need to know what went down and all the juicy who-done-its. Great read. adult 4.5/5
  • The Murderbot Diaries (#1-4) by Martha Wells – Did I get a wee bit obsessed with Murderbot during August? Oh, I sure did! I picked up the first book of this series at the beginning of the month while I was still feeling a bit slumpy and thought a bit of sci-fi (not a frequently read genre) might be a laugh. Instead I ended up becoming obsessed with The Murderbot Diaries. The characterization in these books blows me away and the story and stakes have me hooked. adult 4/5
  • Forbidden Fling (Secret Fantasy #1) by Kat Taylor – This series is by Katee Robert writing as Kat Taylor. Forbidden Fling is a secret sexual fantasy novella that was just an easy read to tune out my own brain when I was tired of listening to my own thoughts. Not a HAE but a fun little diversion if you enjoy erotic stories. adult 3.5/5
  • The Court of the Sea Fae (#1-3) by C.N. Crawford – Now, the first book in this trilogy was pretty good but the other two were a bit more…meh. Fae, forbidden romance, magic, gruff and rude men, woman who runs her own shit. Pretty standard fantasy romance but still a decent read when you are in the mood for that kind of thing. adult 3/5
  • The Family Plot by Megan Collins – This book was very kindly sent to me by the publisher and badly wanted to love it. However, the main character was so detestably unlikeable I couldn’t get into the story. Mystery, suspense, thriller, no matter what genre you decide to plunk it in the overall plot was good while the characters made me want to rip my hair out. adult 3/5
  • Dance with the Fae Prince (Married to Magic #2) by Elise Kova – This series is incredibly blessed by the cover art gods. Absolutely gorgeous. New adult fantasy romance is usually my jam and I did, in fact, love the first book of this series. However, this second one was a little bit lacking. One thing I can’t stand in books is repeatedly romanticized abuse. For the first half of the book the male lead was an abusive asshole so when the romance started taking hold I just couldn’t root for it. Emotional and mental abuse has no place in love. New adult 3/5
  • Ice Planet Barbarians (#1-3) by Ruby Dixon – I dipped my toe into erotic romance again in August with the Ice Planet Barbarians series. Are they terrible? Absolutely, but I couldn’t stop reading. If you like erotic romance and have ever stopped to think, “Hm, this book would be better with blue alien men with ridged penises and tails,” then, oh boy, do I have the series for you. No. For real though. It’s terrible but if you like erotic romance you should read it anyway. adult 3/5
  • Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft – Lastly we have my only officially recorded DNF of the month and it is a doozy. I have been putting off reading this one forever because it was on my Spooky Season TBR list. I could contain myself no longer and just had to pick it up! Unfortunately it was pretty awful. Gothic fantasy romance is absolutely my game but this was just…bad. The lead character is one of the most selfish I have ever come across. Normally, selfishness doesn’t bother me but it was as if we were supposed to root for her and she never thought she herself was selfish. I just could not read one more page of this miserable drivel. Young adult DNF

On the Blog

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Life Stuff

Normally this would be where I put Added to the Shelves but I did not purchase any books this month. Crazy, right? It was, however, a very busy month. August included back to school for my daughter who entered the second grade. Last year we chose to do distance learning because of COVID but the school was not offered that this year so off she went, back into a crowded school building. The preparation and nerves for that had me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Also in August I went back to work. I mentioned last month that I had a major surgery and was out of work for a month. Well, I went back and it was exhausting. My manager even kindly allowed me to work some shorter shifts to get back in the swing of things but it was just a lot and took almost all of my energy.

Finally, I myself went back to school! That’s right, little old me went back to college to complete my degree. I had finished a considerable amount of it between 2004-2008 but some life events occurred and it got back burnered. Now, however, my work is paying for me to complete my degree so I have jumped in to the idea of online higher learning through Arizona State University. It has been a massive adjustment and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing but I’m trying my best and that is all I have to give right now.

Not to mention August also contained mine and my husband’s birthdays. To say it was a busy month would be a little bit of an understatement.

September, I have to tell you, is going to be STACKED with new books. I have eight or nine preordered and at least two book boxes coming that were delayed in August. So, not only do we get the start of autumn and cooler weather but ALL OF THE BOOKS! It is going to be a great month and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. My daughter starts school on Friday! She’ll be in Year 2. It’s such a bizarre choice to have them start on the last day of the school week. I also DNF’d Down Comes The Night, but I may go back to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, August was indeed a busy month for you but I’m glad to hear you’re slowly getting the hang of things again after your surgery and with your little one! Best of luck to her during this school year! Also, out of all the books you read this month I have to say that the only one I’m *dying* to read is A Dace with the Fae Prince but ha, romanticizing abuse? I wouldn’t say it’s a hard pass but might end up not loving it and now I’m sad. Anyways, great wrap up! Hopefully September is just as good (or even better)! x

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    1. I hope you end up loving Dance with the Fae Prince! Romanticized abuse is one of the only things I’m sensitive about so my annoyance was very likely just a personal thing. I can easily see people enjoying that story a great deal. Fingers crossed we all have a delightful September. Bring on the early spooky season!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I’ll try my best I just stopped being a fan of slow burn/enemies to lovers kind of stuff that starts that way. But I’ll still give it a try so all good! And thank you! Let’s hope so!


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