October Wrap Up

Life is confusing. I finally got my reading mojo back which abandons me for a few months every summer but it always seems to come back with the first tickling of fall. Then, I don’t feel like blogging and I got bogged down doing some class work that took a great deal of what remaining brain power I have left.

So, in a nut shell, today we will be talking about what I read in October2021even if I did not really blog about it very much.

Books Read

  • The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner – This is a book I had purchased early in the year with the intent of reading it during Spooky Season. Well, it was the first book I read for October and it put me off reading anything else from my spooky TBR. What a disappointment. This was told in a dual time-line and both time-lines were almost equally dull. There was no tension or feelings of getting attached to the characters. The story just plodded along with washed out characters and it felt like very little purpose. I had high hopes but this one just let me down. (adult, gothic, mystery) 2/5
  • Lakesedge (World at Lake’s Edge #1) by Lyndall Clipstone – I received this book as part of the September OwlCrate and, while I had seen it around, I did not have a great deal of interest in reading it. However, in typical Amanda fashion, I picked it up on a whim to drown out the world for a bit and ended up reading the entire thing in one day because it as so addictive. I just had to know what happened at the end of the this book and I found the budding romance very sweet but not to the point of sickly. Overall, I very much enjoyed this book and would pick up more from Clipstone again. (young adult, fantasy, romance, gothic) 4/5
  • Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare – To be fully transparent, this is a title I read for class. I’ve read Shakespeare in the past, both for funsies and required reading, and I must say he has never been my favorite playwright. However, I did enjoy analyzing this play. There are a lot of connections between the events of this play and the events happening in the late Elizabethan era and drawing those conclusions and hypothesizing varies similarities was kind of fun. This is my favorite one of his plays that I have read (and I’ve read at least a dozen) and one of his most unique. No complaints here. (classic, play, drama, tragedy) 4/5
  • Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken Heart #1) by Stephanie Garber – I went into this book with VERY low expectations. I’ve read Garber in the past and had very mixed emotions about her writing. I had mostly written off reading anything from her again but got pulled in by this lovely cover because I am absolutely a sucker. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this. One of my favorite parts of Garber’s Caraval trilogy was the character Jacks and he was the male lead in this book which, wow, that was amazing. The female lead in the book wasn’t my favorite but the overall story and Jacks more than made up for it. (young adult, fantasy, romance) 4/5
  • A Shadow in the Ember (Flesh and Fire #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and, really, I’m on a fence on how I felt about it. On one hand it was interesting reading about a story that is mentioned off and on throughout Blood and Ash and getting some details about it. On the other hand, I never felt any connection to the characters. I understood their purpose and appreciate their stories but the characters themselves never touched me. I like feeling something for the characters I read about, especially in a book this long, but these just didn’t do it for me but the story itself was good. (new adult, fantasy, romance) 4ish/5
  • That Dark Infinity by Kate Pentecost – (TW: rape) The premise for this book sounded so interesting and it ticked my favorite boxes of young adult fantasy romance. However this story just didn’t work for me. The beginning of the female protagonists story began with her group rape at the hands of invaders to her kingdom where she was the handmaiden to the princess. This was not told graphically but it was a thing. Now, if it had been integral to the story I could have forgiven it but it wasn’t, it was merely a convenient trauma point for the character and it set me off from the beginning. The rest of the book was just a series of convenient plot points and an unfounded romance. Typical, run of the mill YA fantasy. Nothing special. (young adult, fantasy, romance) 3/5
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – Most people know the story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. I read this once well over a decade ago just for funsies and didn’t particularly like it. I read it again in October for a class and, guess what? I still didn’t like it. I can understand why this work is assigned reading for so many schools and classes but I don’t have to enjoy it. Victor is self-centered and lacks true empathy and compassion. His actions lead to the deaths of his loved ones and the loss of his mind. I give it a three because it really is an important piece of literature and I appreciate Shelley’s efforts. (classic, horror) 3/5

Added to the Shelves

In October I added a total of 7 books to my owned TBR, two of which I have already read.

In the Life

October, as a month, is one of my favorites. The leaves start changing, the weather becomes tolerable, and everything feels fresh and clean. Not to mention the month holds my daughter’s birthday as well as Halloween! Halloween this year was a little stressful, though, because last year I didn’t let the kiddo trick-or-treat and had to decide if we would this year. We ended up going and she had a blast but the streets were crowded and momma was nervous.

I also found myself blogging less this past month than usual and, other than being busy, I really am not sure why. I hope in November to be better about keeping up with things here on Literary Weaponry because it really does bring me joy.

Life can be overwhelming sometimes and if anyone ever needs to reach out to vent or even just have a chat please feel free to message me on Twitter, @literaryweapnry.

I hope you are all having a wonderful month and that life is treating you kindly.

Happy reading!

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