Stat That | 2021

In years past, I never really kept track of my reading stats. I’m not sure why, I had just never looked into how to keep track of them with any kind of organization, or accuracy, outside of the Goodreads platform. However, in 2021, I started using a reading tracker that was created by Hardback Hoarder. The spreadsheet set she created made it simple to keep track of everything I read and gave me some colorful graphs and stats that I’d love to share with you all!

This graph both makes me happy with it’s rainbow of colors and a little sad because it shows that I only enjoyed about half the books that I read and found around a quarter of them just kind of okay. I know what kind of books I like, I know what tropes and themes work for me. Why can’t I find more reads that bring me joy? Next year this has to change. Stick that on your 2022 plans and eat it.

This graph is one that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. As I mentioned, I know what I like and what I like is fantasy and over 60% of what I read this year fell under the fantasy category. I also dove into books by Katee Robert, Scarlett St. Clair, and C.N. Crawford this year all of which fall under the erotic category, the latter two being erotic fantasies, which takes up another 15% of the graph.

On this graph you see the breakdown of adult, new adult, and YA books I read during the year. Going into 2021, one of my goals was to read more new adult/adult and less YA. I just hadn’t been enjoying young adult titles the same way I used to and, I am happy to say, that is a goal I definitely accomplished this year! In 2022, I fully expect to see even more of those non-YA titles. I particularly have found myself enjoying books that could fall into the new adult category and I am thriving in that little fantasy market.

These last two graphs are just ones I find interesting although it wouldn’t be something I’d keep track of on my own if I did not use this pre-created spreadsheet. On the left, you can see a breakdown of authors that I read and how many were debuts, I had read before, and then how many were new to me. I read a lot of series so the fact that “read before” is the largest chunk is absolutely on par for my tastes.

The second graph shows where I got the books I read this year. Over 50% of my read books were from my personal owned library which, honestly, I wish I had read more of. I have a master list of books on my shelves that are unread and I’d really like to shrink that list. Maybe I will make that a goal for 2022.

If you’d like to see a list of my owned, unread books, you can see it here.

Are these stats only interesting to me? Maybe, but I liked looking at them anyway. Currently, I’m pondering over my goals for 2022 and day dreaming over my most anticipated upcoming releases. What are some of your bookish goals in the coming year?

Happy reading! 🖤

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