TBR Leftovers | 2021 Edition

Every year I go into the new year with the best intentions. You know the list: have a more positive attitude, eat better, exercise, actually read the books on your shelves…

Well, I never actually read all of the books I intend to in the year (although I didn’t do too badly with the other items on my list). I do not think I will ever finish my entire Owned TBR, however, there are several books on it I had every intention of reading as soon as I bought them and then just…didn’t. So, I’m putting it out into the world. These are the book leftover from my 2021 TBR that I am determined to read in 2022.

To keep this from becoming too rambling, as it is a rather long list, I am going to list the book and a tag line without going into too much detail. No one wants to stare at a wall of my text. All links lead to the title’s Goodreads page if you are interested in seeing more.

I’m thinking of creating myself a challenge on StoryGraph so I can make sure I can actually read all of these books next year.

What books did you mean to read in 2021 and just didn’t get to?

Happy reading!

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