Reading Goals for 2022

I’m a fickle human being. Sometimes when I set goals for myself I find them motivating and strive to reach them. Other times those same goals can cause me to go into full toddler tantrum mode, when I absolutely refuse to do anything I’m told, especially if I am the one who told myself to do it. For that reason, I try to keep my goals for the reading year reasonable.

I started doing a short list of reading goals last year not to necessarily meet some arbitrary stat, but to try to force myself to read some things outside of my normal comfort zones. I had been, for a couple of years, not satisfied with what I read. Last year I managed to read more books I enjoyed and I dipped my toe outside my typical preferences. This year, I am hoping to expand on that.

Read more outside of my typical genres

This is a goal from last year that I only somewhat sketchily succeeded at. For the last 5-6 years, I have read mostly fantasy. Thats great, I love fantasy! However, I used to read a great deal of mysteries and historical fiction and once I started blogging and got exposed to more books under the fantasy umbrella, I let the old favorite genres fall by the wayside. While I failed at this in 2021, I hope to be more successful with this goal in 2022.

Here are the genres I aim to read more from:

  • historical fiction
  • mysteries/thriller
  • science-fiction

Last year I included manga/graphic novels in this goal list but that has been removed as I discovered that format is just not for me.

Read more from my owned library

I think many of us have stacks…towers…entire cities of unread books we own in our living spaces. While my owned and unread book list isn’t too terrible, I would still like to shrink it considerably. Instead of it shrinking each year, it only gets larger and it is getting to the point that I am rather annoyed with myself. Before it grows into unmanageable proportions and devours me whole, I am going to try to take control of the situation.

For each book I buy in 2022, I have to read at least two off of my already owned TBR.

If you would like to see my currently owned TBR, you can find it here. It is updated with every book I purchase and/or read with a full overhaul each new year.

Set a manageable TBR

Setting a formal TBR is…not something that I do. Sure, throughout the year I’ll have a book in the back of my mind that I want to get to. Maybe. Probably. But somehow I never quite manage it.

For 2022, I intend to choose 1-2 books a month that I will at least try to read during that month. If I DNF them, that’s fine. If I decide that they just aren’t tickling me at that time, that’s fine, too. But I will at least give them a shot during that month.

I feel like these are very reasonable yearly reading goals. And while I may not have been entirely successful with my goals last year, I am not dissuaded from trying again.

What are some reading goals you hope to accomplish in the coming year?

Happy reading! πŸ–€

12 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2022

  1. I set a book buying ban for the first half of the year (I’m moving!) so during that time I want to read more from my owned TBR stack. It’s pretty big πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


  2. I love how realistic all these goals are! Mine are very similar! I set myself a book buying limit, so that my TBR doesn’t grow too much this year. I knew a full ban wouldn’t work, but so far the limit has worked! I also want to branch out o more genres, but I didn’t set which genres those would be yet. Anything besides my usual romance and graphic novels will work for that goal! And I also set myself a NetGalley goal, since I’d like to get through my remaining backlist title, and even achieve the 100% ratio for a brief moment in time!

    Best of luck on these goals! I hope you manage to complete them all!


  3. Great post. While I’m doing my usual challenges, my big goal this year is to attain my 500 review badge from NG. Yes, it’ll take me the rest of the year. I wish you luck on your goals–two on your TBR for every new one is reasonable. You can do it.


  4. I’m taking a similar approach this year – small steps are so much better than being overly ambitious and feeling daunted by all my reading goals. Reading more of the books I already own is a big priority for me too, I hope we both make a dent in our stacks! Good luck with your goals and wishing you a wonderful reading year πŸ“šβ€οΈ X x x


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