Mini Review | Flames of Lethe (Lethe Chronicles #1) by Lexie Talionis (ARC)

Title: Flames of Lethe (Lethe Chronicles #1) by Lexie Talionis

Published: September 15, 2021

Genre(s): adult, erotic, romance

Read as: ebook, eARC

Rating: 1.5

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A land of eternal youth. No death, disease, or decay. But this is no paradise. And no one here is an angel. 

Waking naked under a blood-red moon on an endless bed of sand, Jo remembers nothing. Not who she is nor how she and her equally nude, fiercely intelligent companion with the chiseled jaw and soft lips came to be in this desolate land. And although the hostility in his eyes confuses and wounds her, they have nothing now but each other.

Christopher, however, is as desperate to keep Jo at a distance as he is to protect her—especially when he has such a hard time controlling his body when she is near. And stranded together without anything to use for clothing, his control is slipping.

But forgotten sins simmer beneath the surface, and the horrors of the desert are nothing to what awaits. The shelter they find at last is little more than a prison with terrifying penalties for defiance…and an old flame who lays claim to Jo. Without her memory, she must decide whom to trust with her heart—and life—before the choice is taken from her forever.

Yet in a world ready to punish them at every turn, what chance does love have? Hell is no place to follow your heart.

A reverse harem / menage stranded enemies-to-lovers second chance romance…in Hell. (Goodreads)

TW: rape, abuse

I went into this book expecting reverse harem themes, aware of the trigger warnings, and hoping for an entertaining little story on the side to set up the reverse harem.

What I got was…well, it was pretty terrible.

Jo is one of the more annoying characters I have ever had the displeasure of reading. We are told multiple times that she is strong minded, determined, and bold. However, we are merely told this and what she actually is, is unbearably whiny and simple minded.

The two men that are supposed to be the harem part of this are dull. One is cruel and his whole story arc is sex will set him free or something. I don’t know, it got old pretty quick. The other guy is written as more of the impulsive hero who is going to knock a lot of boots and make decisions without thinking them through first and is packing in the pants. Neither one are very interesting.

Even the sex scenes are fairly tame. For a book with self professed “extremely dark themes” everything was pretty dull. There were a couple shock moments as you explore the world but nothing memorable. Much of the plot was built on the idea that woman were objects to be used in any way the man sees fit so rape is frequently brought up. Another main building point for the world is that when a person’s (mainly the woman’s) body gets damaged during a particularly violent rape, they would throw her into the sunlight which would literally burn away their skin and it would grow back new and perfect the following evening.

Overall, this was a waste of time. It promised a lot and delivered on very little.

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