March TBR

If you’ve followed me for a while here at Literary Weaponry, you would know that I am absolutely not much of a TBR person. I am a mood reader extraordinaire! However (there is always a however), being a mood reader means that sometimes the books I am most anticipating reading sit languishing on my shelf for months, or sometimes even years.

So, I decided to do a little experiment with myself and share it with you all. In a typical month, I will read anywhere between 5-12 books. Yes, that is quite the range but such is the plight of mood reading. What I am going to try to do this month is set just 3 books I have to pick up in March. Let’s take a peak at what I picked for my first TBR!

The War of Two Queens (Blood & Ash #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – This series tossed me into NA fantasy romance and I’m happy to splash in the waves here. The first two books in this series quickly became favorites that I have read and reread a half dozen times. However…book three really didn’t do it for me. I’ll give this one a go and see what happens. (new adult, fantasy, romance) March 15, 2022

A Master of Djinn (Dead Djinn Universe #1) by P. Djeli Clark – There are two novellas that take place before this novel, both of which I read in 2021 and absolutely loved. The world these stories is set in feels vibrant and unique and the characters are just so vivid! I haven’t read this one yet because, honestly, I have it so hyped in my brain that it makes me a little nervous to read it but the time has come! (adult, alternate history, steampunk, mystery) May 11, 2021

Beyond the Ruby Veil (Beyond the Ruby Veil #1) by Mara Fitzgerald – This is my curveball book for March. Since this book was released I’ve seen both glowing praise for it as well as a few reviewers absolutely trashing it. But, it has caught my eye and I kept pondering picking it up. When better to give it a shot than with my first firm TBR? This is also the only book on this list I don’t personally own (or have pre-ordered) so I’ll be grabbing this one from the library. (young adult, fantasy, romance) October 13, 2020

Pretty simple, right? I just wanted to set an easily manageable goal so that I don’t end up overwhelming myself. I’ll check back with you in April and we will see if I actually managed to do what I set out to do or not.

How do you feel about TBRs?

Happy reading! 🖤

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