Last 3 Books Added to my TBR

As a person who loves to talk about books, I spend I great deal of time discussing what I’m reading in the moment, what I just finished, or what I plan on picking up next. Rarely do I just have a chat about recent books that simply caught my eye.

So, that’s what we are going to do here. Let’s have a chat about the last couple books that I added to my general (not owned) TBR because they caught my attention for one reason or another. Pretty simple, right?

A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland – Sometimes you stumble across a book that just sounds good, you know? This adult fantasy features a LGBT romance and political drama that pulls inspiration from the Ottoman Empire. We have a prince, his body guard, and high stakes that I think would come together into a compulsively readable fantasy. This book is releasing this June (2022) from Tor and I think I’ll be picking it up around its release.

Wrath Goddess Sing by Maya Deane – I’m just going to quote the first paragraph from the description for this book because it is a really attention grabbing description. “Achilles has fled her home and her vicious Myrmidon clan to live as a woman with the kallai, the transgender priestesses of Great Mother Aphrodite. When Odysseus comes to recruit the “prince” Achilles for a war against the Hittites, she prepares to die rather than fight as a man. However, her divine mother, Athena, intervenes, transforming her body into the woman’s body she always longed for, and promises her everything: glory, power, fame, victory in war, and, most importantly, a child born of her own body. Reunited with her beloved cousin, Patroklos, and his brilliant wife, the sorceress Meryapi, Achilles sets out to war with a vengeance.”

So not only do we get a retelling of a historical myth but we get a new twist on a relatively well known tale. This one is releasing in June (2022) from William Morrow & Company.

Ashton Hall by Lauren Belfer – This book seems like it has several factors that typically tickle my fancy in the mystery genre. First, the investigation of the mystery (in this case a body long encased in the wall of an aged manor house) takes place in the modernish day. A woman (whose husband sounds like a big bag of dicks) endeavors to unravel the mystery of the body long hidden in the wall while at the same time sorting through the chaos of her own life. It sounds like there will be historical flash backs and the woman hunting through clues left by previous generations in the home to unravel the mystery. This is another one coming out in June (2022) from Ballantine Books.

You know, I think this could be a fun little bit to do from time to time. Just have a quick chat about the most recent books to grab my attention and make their way to my general TBR. It was fun. So often I find myself in a cycle of reading what so many other people are reading and then talking about just because they are hyped releases and we know by this point that I am a sucker for the hyped books.

What is a book that you’ve recently added to your TBR that you haven’t seen anyone really talking about?

Happy reading! 🖤

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