Fourth Quarter Releases on my TBR | 2021

The fourth quarter of 2021 is has already snuck up on us. Wasn’t I just writing my second quarter post last week? What happened? Granted, I always end up feeling like this at the end of summer. Summer is just…this empty span of time I have to suffer through. Some folks may love summertime but I am not among them. I grew up in the mohave desert and I never, ever want to be that warm again. The heat makes me think of misery and torture. But, that’s just me. Now that fall is here I am once again excited to get outside and get some reading done to the dancing of crunchy leaves!

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Most Anticipated Fall Releases | 2020

I have found that there is a very little more exciting for an avid reader than the anticipation of a good book release. You know that tingling pull from behind your belly button that urges you to just preorder it along with the excitement of the title finally showing up at your door. I love that feeling. I love opening my planner and seeing those titles that excite me release dates coming closer. Here are the titles I’m looking most forward to for fall 2020.

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Rage (Stormheart #2) by Cora Carmack: Update




Title: Rage (Stormheart #2) by Cora Carmack

Publisher: Tor Teen

Publication date: June 11th, 2019 (previously was June 12th, 2018)

A few months ago I posted about the announcement of this book, that post can be found here. At the time the release date was June of 2018. Recently, due to the author’s health issues, the release date was pushed back to June of 2019.  Continue reading

Cover Reveal – Ace of Shades (The Shadow Game #1) by Amanda Foody


There is nothing quite like an eye catching book cover, is there? It can pull you in and beg for your purchase without you even knowing anything about the book. Author Amanda Foody announced her next book, Ace of Shades, a few months ago. Since I loved her first novel (cover and all), Daughter of the Burning City, I was excited to see what Ace of Shades would bring.

Yesterday was the big cover reveal for Shades and I have to say that I am a little disappointed. I like the blood red almost wallpaper background and the imposing shadow of a sinister city but the card tower is very lackluster. It just doesn’t have the pizzazz I was hoping for. Take a look at the upcoming novel… Continue reading

Cora Carmack Rage (Stormheart #2) Cover Reveal and Release Date

Today is the day for cover reveals! Earlier I posted about Stephanie Garber’s new Legendary (Carval #2) whose cover matches the first book beautifully. Now we have…



Rage (Stormheart #2) by Cora Carmack

Release day June 12th 2018
Published by Tor Teen

All Aurora Pavan ever wanted was a choice, to control her own life. Now she’s got more choices than she can handle.

Princess or adventurer.

Duty or freedom.

Her Kingdom or the Stormhunter she loves.

If she knows anything, it’s that choices have consequences— like the storm now tangled with her heart, the alarming disappearance of her mother and friend, and the fall of her kingdom to the Locke family. To set things right, she joins a growing revolution on the streets of Pavan. She puts her knowledge of the palace to use to aid the rebellion, but the Lockes aren’t the only sinister thing plaguing Pavan. The Rage season is at it’s peak and not a day passes without the skies raining down destruction. But these storms seem… different than any she’s ever encountered. They churn with a darkness that frightens her, and attack with a will like she’s never seen. This feels like more than Rage. It feels like war. (description taken from



Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life– boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Losing It series. – from Goodreads



UPDATE – Publication of this book has been pushed back to 2019 due to the author’s health concerns. Exact date of publication not currently set as of February 15th, 2018.

UPDATE – Official release date has been updated to June 11th, 2019. Mark your calendars!


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Stephanie Garber’s Legendary (Caraval #2) Cover Reveal and Release Date


Early in 2017, Stephanie Garber’s YA fantasy novel Caraval left many readers wanting more. Today it was announced that Caraval’s sequel Legendary will be released released May 29th, 2018 by Flatiron Books. I’ve not yet found an official summary of this book but be sure to follow author Stephanie Garber (@SGarberGirl) on Twitter for future updates.

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Goodreads | Flatiron/Macmillon




“I’m the international and New York Times bestselling author of Caraval.

When I’m not writing, I teach creative writing at a private college in Northern California, where I’ve been known to turn assignments into games and take students on field trips that involve book signings.” -from Garber’s website




You can see my review of the eARC of this book here.

Book Spotlight: The Secret of Vesalius by Jordi Llobregat (Upcoming release)




Title: The Secret of Vesalius by Jordi Llobregat

Expected publication: November 2017

Publisher: Riverrun

Page count: 582 (hardback)

Daniel Amat has left Spain and all that happened there behind him. Having just achieved a brilliant role in Ancient Languages at Oxford University and an even more advantageous engagement, the arrival of a letter – a demand – stamped Barcelona comes like a cold hand from behind.

He arrives back in that old, labyrinthine and near-mythic city a few days before the great 1888 World Fair, amid dread whispers of murders – the injuries reminiscent of an ancient curse, and bearing signs of the genius 16th century anatomist, Vesalius. Daniel is soon pulled into the depths of the crime, and eventually into the tunnels below Barcelona, where his own dark past and the future of science are joined in a terrible venture – to bring the secret of Vesalius to life.

Gothic and gripping, this historical thriller makes of Barcelona a diabolical character – emerging out of the dark into a new electrical age, aflame with spirit, superstition and science. Published in eighteen countries, Jordi Llobregat’s bestselling first novel mixes a passionate setting and cryptic mystery into a genre-crossing phenomenon.

First off, I would like to note that this book initially was released in 2015 but only in Spanish. This will be its first round in the English speaking market so I’m still going to count it as an upcoming release.

This book sounds like it has everything that appeals to me. Historical fiction? Check. World’s Fair? Always a fascination. Murder, mayhem, and mystery? Sign me up. If this title interests you as much as it does me, it can currently be found as an eARC on Netgalley. Sadly, it is not open to the American audience (only Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom) so I’ll have to wait for official publication.



Jordi has a passion for cities, and in particular their historical evolutions and transformations. His mother’s side of the family hails from Barcelona, and his great grandfather worked in the forge that produced Pere Falqués’ famous modernist lampposts found on the Paseo de Gracia. Jordi began writing at the age of twelve after watching the film The Man from Acapulco with Jean Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset.

He currently combines writing with his work as head of a company that works on community development in cities. His work has been included in several short story anthologies.

He is director of the noir fiction festival, Valencia Negra. (from Goodreads)


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September Reading Releases!


September is here and that cooler, crisp, refreshing air is just the thing I needed to recharge my batteries. I’m sitting here with my windows open, listening to the breeze, and watching the squirrels scamper around looking for nuts to hide away for winter. I think I’m going to have to make a pumpkin spice latte run here soon. Another thing amazing about this fall are the upcoming book releases! There are some fantastic book releases for September that I would love to share with you. (All release dates noted are for the US and title links lead to their Goodreads page)

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