Favorites So Far In 2022

We are all very much aware that, so far, 2022 has been an absolute shit show. “New year new me” has turned into the war in Ukraine, new strains of COVID, inflation, and companies still not respecting their employees. My Big Sad and existential dread lead me trying to find some bright spots for far this year.

And what is brighter than escapism? In this case, it took the form of my favorite books so far this year which I thought I’d share with you!

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Looking Back | 2021 Most Anticipated for First Quarter

Last year (2021) I began doing most anticipated release lists sorted by quarter. It felt like a good way to organize these lists instead of month by month because, as we know, publishing dates keep getting juggled during this pandemic. I was looking back on my unread books from 2021, seeing what I had read and what I hadn’t, and thought it might be fun to revisit this list with you all!

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