Books I Read Because of Recommendations

There are more books in the world than a person could ever read in their lifetime. There are more books even just in one genre than a person could ever conceivably read. Because of this, sadly, we all have to choose what we are going to read and sometimes that means setting some books aside or overlooking them entirely.

However, sometimes a book is so highly recommended, or someone you share bookish tastes with loves a book so much, that a title you would normally not have glanced twice at catches your interest.

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Past Favorites | Do I Still Love Them?

It is only natural that you as a person will like some things more than others. Maybe you like couscous but not rice. Bright pink but not pastel pink. Burritos but not tacos (in which case you are wrong but I will accept your wrongness with grace). You get my point. However, today I tried an old favorite (marinated mushrooms) for the first time in years and I just didn’t like them anymore. Big sad.

The same is true with books. Even if you read books with similar themes there will be some stories you like more than others. Along that vein, I got to wondering if the books I loved in the past would still be favorites for me today.

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March Wrap Up

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that March was a magical month. We’ve watched the war in Ukraine escalate as lives are lost, we’ve seen yet another wave of COVID virus mutation make its way through our populations, watched inflation absolutely cripple those already struggling monetarily, and we are all out here just doing our best to not come apart at the seams.

I think my overall feelings are reflected in my reading for the month. I didn’t find joy in much that I read and a lot of my reading just felt like going through the motions. Not every month can be a winner.

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