A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3) by Deanna Raybourn (ARC)


“I assure you, I am perfectly capable of identifying a phallus when I see one,” Stoke informed me, clipping the words sharply. “And that is no such thing.”

A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3) by Deanna Raybourn. I am going to preface my review with a a personal note. This was the first eARC I have received that caused jubilation. I requested this book from NetGalley never expecting to get it. When that accepted e-mail hit my inbox I legitimately danced for joy. I absolutely adored the first two books in this series, A Curious Beginning and A Perilous Undertaking, and to get my hands on this one early was wonderful. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up – Oct 9 to Oct 15


My blogging weekends thus far have been sporadic. When I do post on the weekend it is usually a tag or something else unplanned. Instead, I’m going to try doing a weekly wrap up each weekend and see how it feels. Here’s how it will go…

Each Sunday I will post a wrap up of my week. While this post will mainly be reading and/or writing related. I will also include items and events from my daily life. Welcome to Literary Weaponry’s Weekly Wrap Up! (October 9 – October 15 2017) Continue reading