Mid Year Freakout Tag | 2021

It is time once again for that most sacred of book blogging activities, the Mid Year Freak Out Tag. Now, I’ve done this every year since I started Literary Weaponry and I have to admit my answers each year are nothing short of laughable. I just looked back on the last few years and not only does my post style change but apparently my tastes see-saw widely as well. What a joy. I look forward to looking back on this post in years to come and wonder what I thought I was thinking.

Anyway…here is my 2021 mid year tag. There have been some real highs and lowest lows but overall it has been a great year.

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Mid Year Freak Out Tag

It is time once again for that yearly tradition that is the Mid Year Freak Out Tag! Yay! Since I started Literary Weaponry I have loved doing this tag. It is a fun and interesting way to look back at the first part of the year and reflect on the books you’ve read and see what others in the community have been reading as well. It is also fun to see some of the trends that pop up! For instance, this year I’ve noticed many more contemporaries read than I have the past. I’m not much of a contemporary reader myself but I love seeing other readers excitement over these books.

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June Wrap Up


With the year half over, I’m feeling a little melancholy. I started the year with a list of goals and aspirations and just don’t feel like I’m making enough progress. Here is to the second half of the year and greater productivity and positivity.

In the meantime, I have read far more books this year so far than I had expected to. Initially, my Goodreads goal was set at 35 which I surpassed so I bumped it up to 45. Currently, I am at 40 books completed and will most likely bump up my Goodreads goals again. Either way, this is what Literary Weaponry was up to in June!

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