Series I Need to Finish

Recently I was watching a booktube video from Justine @ I Should Read That and she mentioned that she had spent December trying to clear up her unfinished series. You know what I mean, those series that you started to read and just haven’t gotten around to finishing even though you really intend to.

So, I got in my head that I need to do a series cleanup. In 2022, I want to complete reading the series I have sitting unfinished on my shelves. Or, as a couple on this list aren’t part of a completed series, I want to read the remaining books that are already published.

Happily, as I was compiling this list, it turns out I don’t have quite as many unfinished series as I thought I did so I feel like it is absolutely reasonable to tidy this all up by the end of 2022.

All title links go to the book’s Goodreads page.

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August Wrap Up

August 2021 brought the return of my reading mojo! Every July, like clockwork, I find myself in a reading slump but I am very happy to say that it seems to have fizzled into thin air in August. In fact, it was my most successful reading month so far this year. I thought I would never top the thirteen books I read in March but August is closing out with fifteen along with two short story romances that I didn’t record because they were largely skimmed. Here’s what went down with my reading and on Literary Weaponry during the month.

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