September Preorders I’m Excited to Read

In the northern hemisphere, with the turn to September, summer is finally feeling like it is over. Summer is my least favorite season. Being that hot is miserable not to mention there are never that many book releases in the summer that get my excited. But, with the change to cooler weather, my list of anticipated books grows longer!

So far for September I have six books already preordered…that I know of. Honestly, I feel like I am missing one and I’m just not all that sure what it is. I suppose it will be a surprise when it shows up. Despite my lack of memory in this case, I’d like to share the six books that I know will be be showing up for me in September.

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Most Anticipated Fall Releases | 2020

I have found that there is a very little more exciting for an avid reader than the anticipation of a good book release. You know that tingling pull from behind your belly button that urges you to just preorder it along with the excitement of the title finally showing up at your door. I love that feeling. I love opening my planner and seeing those titles that excite me release dates coming closer. Here are the titles I’m looking most forward to for fall 2020.

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February Wrap Up

Hello all and welcome to my February Wrap Up! I must say, I had a glorious month for reading and a lot of other positive bookish things. I am also very grateful to all of you who come and look at my blog. Just want you to know that I see and appreciate all of you and I hope that we have many happy bookish years together to come. Now, lets get to the wrap up!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books On My Fall TBR


Hello and welcome to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Outside the leaves are starting to change from green to lovely shades of red and yellow. I feel like my last pool day of the year is in the near future and that is always a let down but in it’s place you get crisp autumn breezes, warm sweaters, and watching the dog frolic in the leaves. I love fall. It seems the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish love it too as today’s theme is Books on our fall TBR. Let’s get to it, then! Continue reading

July Wrap Up

Here we are at the end of July. Summer is winding down and all things “pumpkin” are starting to show up in stores and I’m sure the infamous pumpkin spice latte is not far behind. I don’t mind fall, but the last bit of summer is always bittersweet.

July wasn’t the most fantastic month of reading for me. Let’s face it, the bright sunshine had me outside with the dog more often than I sat inside curled up with a good book.

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