Spooky Season TBR

Everyone, it is time once again for the absolute joy that is Spooky Season. Octobertime. Halloween. Fall Vibes. Whatever you want to call it, it is just around the corner. I for one cannot wait! First of all, it has felt as if I am roasting alive for the last two months and I’m longing for that cooler fall weather and hot tea on the patio. It is going to be spectacular.

Along with the more manageable weather comes one of the best parts of the year, the fall/spooky season TBR. I’m not usually one for setting TBRs (I typically fail miserably at that) but I love putting together a list of books that give me that fall vibe to give myself something to choose from while I sip my very basic pumpkin coffee.

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The Spooky Halloween Tag

Halloween is almost upon us and while we can’t do the normal yearly Halloween parties or trick or treating, I still love Spooky Season. However, explaining to my seven year old that she can’t go trick or treating was not something I wish to repeat. Instead she is dressing up as the Cheshire Cat, her daddy is going to be the Hatter, and we are doing an at home trick or treat event with her stuffed animals. We are trying our best to keep her life as normal as possible so hopefully it will turn out well.

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