Free Write Friday – February 1


Most Fridays I will be posting a book review, hopefully, but I wanted to add something else. Reviews are wonderful but some Fridays just need a little something extra, especially those weeks that I don’t have a review to offer. In comes Free Write Friday.

The concept – Free Write Fridays will contain a short passage, poem, excerpt, letter to a senator, or anything else that has gone from my brain to the page during the week that is not a part of my main writing project. I often find myself jotting down a random free write when I’m frustrated with my main project and then it ends up moldering in a folder. Instead, I think I’ll share them with you. Could be fun!

These pieces will appear in their original form which is often unedited and are my intellectual property alone
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Weekly Wrap Up – Oct 9 to Oct 15


My blogging weekends thus far have been sporadic. When I do post on the weekend it is usually a tag or something else unplanned. Instead, I’m going to try doing a weekly wrap up each weekend and see how it feels. Here’s how it will go…

Each Sunday I will post a wrap up of my week. While this post will mainly be reading and/or writing related. I will also include items and events from my daily life. Welcome to Literary Weaponry’s Weekly Wrap Up! (October 9 – October 15 2017) Continue reading