1st Quarter Wrap Up Part 1 | The Good, The Bad, and The Stats (booktube)

Earlier in the week I posted my 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up here at the blog for Literary Weaponry. Some of you may know that I have also branched out into the world of bookish YouTube here in the new year. So, as well as the written post which I have linked, I’d like to present to you my 1st Quarter Wrap Up Part 1 | The Good, The Bad, and The Stats (booktube version).

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1st Quarter Wrap Up | 2021

For many of us it still feels as if March 2020 is still going. That is when the COVID lockdowns began, social distancing measures were put into place, and the common person began looking at the weekly food shop wondering if it was safe. I for one embraced curbside pickup for everything from bread and milk, cat food from the pet store, and arts and crafts projects from the craft store to keep my child entertained. Maybe once this big pause on our lives lifts we can all mentally move on from March 2020 because as of right now I think that month that turned into year will be burned into our brains forever.

Despite how it feels, I promise you that January – March of 2021 has occurred and with it came a lot of wonderful new books, fun reads, and general joy in the bookish world. I personally have read more books in the first few months of this year than any other months in my reading life and most of them have been good! Let’s take a look back at the 1st quarter of 2021 at my reading here at Literary Weaponry.

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